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E.V.O.: Search for Eden

by Vikings Vs Mafia

Part 1: Part One

EDIT: PARTS 1-3 LOST BANDWIDTH. I started using waffleimages on part four (page 2)

You might as well start there, The beginning's pretty much just eating a bunch of jellyfish anyways.

Alright, everybody, if you haven't heard of this game before, this is the thread for everyone who likes old school gaming and can't wait for spore.
I'm a relatively busy college student, but I likes me my video games and I'd be willing to give this a go. I've never actually beaten this game before, last time I got stuck on the Yeti... I guess this time it's up to you guys to evolve me a strong enough creature to win. I've never done a LP before, so we'll see how this goes.

planets = stars

everything lined up so well on this shot.

Canis Canem Edit.

and then, I had to sit through the earth cooling for several billion years.

Luckily, emulators have a fast forward button, allowing us to proceed directly to:

Though the Gaia in this game isn't black and proud like the one from captain planet, we can all at least agree that she's a babe.

I'll change for you baby, I swear!

Yeah, that's usually how it is.

Wow. That's kind of a lot to lay on a fish at once. Don't they have memories something like three seconds?

careful with what

Okay dudes, This is it. Time for

It's got a weird little map screen thing going on.

Oh, well I guess we've taken the form of that fish then. He sure looks content, hanging out in the water like that. Oh look! A creature approaches! Is it friend or foe? How should I approach? Should I attack, or attempt to make peace with the ocean life?