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by Vikings Vs Mafia

Part 11: Part Eleven - I'm almost positive this is the biggest bee i'll ever have to fight.

Part Eleven - I'm almost positive this is the biggest bee i'll ever have to fight.

Inside here there's a bunch of skeletons and eggs. The eggs break open to reveal little jumping blue things, which I then enjoy eating.

Not yet, really. You kids let me know anytime you want me to use one.

Alright, kids. It's party time.

With my insane jumping ability and my gnarly teeth i'm able to develop a good pattern of jumping and biting.

It's really hard for him to hit me, even when he shoots out his stingers.

That guy was a pushover.

Even when I got hurt I was able to eat skeletons+eggs and recover. Thanks for suggesting the great build guys.

And i'm gonna start eating with X sometimes, just for you Squid.

To congratulate myself for fighting valiantly, I decide a little victory evolution is called for.

My tail is now fully upgraded (to thorny spring)

I decide to take GunnerJ's advice and check out the area I skipped earlier.

Green crystals let me devolve, but it's totally fine for the natural order of things. got it. check.

- NOT PICTURED - I ate a green crystal. It tasted like Jasmine.
after this, I returned to the king bee's cave and passed through to the next area.

So far, this is the only time in the entire game it has told me not to evolve. This contradicts basically everything I have ever done.

Say, I was just thinking. Don't bees have queens instead of kings? What the dilly?

what the fuck kind of sand worm is this...?

oh hey, ANOTHER green crystal.

Before I pick it up, I decide I've gone for too long without a horn.

Knowing I might not have this body for that much longer, I decide to save it as well.

I then eat the green crystal and move on. This one was sour apple.

Yeah, I ENDED those insects.

As I will end you.

Good GOD. These sunbathing lizards have quite a tail swipe.

Luckily, they recover pretty reasonable health, So I kill a bunch of em and move on.

Oookay, that's part one for today. I've got more shots, including the end of the current age! I'll get more up later today, but for now I really go have to try out my friend's new Wii.

edit: good christ imagemagick is confusing. I'm doing this one old school, maybe you can IM me or something and explain better than these insane readme files do.