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Part 12: Part Twelve - Jump fast, bite hard

Part Twelve - Jump fast, bite hard

I remember those lizards. this'll be no -


these sand lizards pop right out of the ground and jump attack.

A horn ram does a good 15 damage to one of these, slaying him instantly... but after a while...

I get a good taste of the local fauna and move on.

Oh, yah, well, I don't usually take orders from dragonflies. :

oh shit. Seriously?

oh shit, this is not going to be pleasant.

This big bitch cockroach swoops in for a devestating attack, then shoots spines that deal 12 damage, rapid fire.

The only way to beat her is to keep her in her wound animation as much as possible.

Thanks to my jumping fin and springy thorn tail, I have no trouble jumping up to catch her in the air.

the battle rages on...

...and on...

...and on...

...long into the night.
At one point, I almost run out of health.

I quickly evolve a feeler horn (just for laughs), and keep fighting.

Until finally,

the bitch gives up the ghost.

I satiate myself on the delicious royal honeycomb.

I can't for the life of me figure out what i'm missing here. I don't think I missed any shots... it may just be really weird translation again.

Sweeeeet, I bet this is gonna be so rad...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, just get to the dinosaurs!

Here comes the time trans, a.k.a. that 2001 monolith again.

Actually, it's swedish manufactured.

Alright, I'll leave you goons here for now, because my brother's playing a show tonight a little after 9. If anyone's around the providence area, the band's name is Fang Island.

So that's two ages down... and a lot more to go. I know some bigger choices are coming up soon... any ideas whether I should go biped or quadriped? general tips or requests for the dinosaur age are also appreciated.