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Part 14: Part Thirteen - Let sleeping dogs lie

Part Thirteen - Let sleeping dogs lie
North - To the swamps!

nothing, good sir, I myself basked in it for quite some time along my evolutionary route.

I also ate a few creatures.

HAH. These guys are a cinch. I eat a few and head out.

I love how all these creatures want to make conversation with you and your only option is eating them. You're some kind of freaky fast-evolving biological woodchipper.

The dash attack deals double damage, it seems. Just because my jaw is more like a beak at this point.

Something tells me I should leave this guy the FUCK alone...

Okay, so let's see what I can do to bring myself up the food chain...

I have about 500 points to work with right now

But i'll grind absolutely ANY of these things, in any order. first to three votes I will evolve.

Also, I can now go South or West... Your call, guys, and don't forget the names. That's what makes this fun for me.