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E.V.O.: Search for Eden

by Vikings Vs Mafia

Part 15: Part Fourteen - Alright, fine, but I seriously have to do some homework when I'm done with this.

Part Fourteen - Alright, fine, but I seriously have to do some homework when I'm done with this.

I start by going west for a little grindfest.

Yeah, meth'll fuck you up.

...There's some really deep social commentary here, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Knowing now that I only get one green crystal at a time, I decide it's time to put George back in action.

For a brief time, I run around as a super-amphibian and eat all the Polsauri I can. One bite, one kill.

Still, I only manage to eat a few hundred EP worth of before biology bitchsmacks me back into my natural form.

Now it takes several bites to eat these guys. They're not hard to kill, but if you miss them they can swarm you for tons of damage.

alright, let's do this.

Hmm... This one just tasted like green.

I keep grinding, late into the night.

A dash attack followed by a quick bite seems to do the trick best. Soon, I have the requisite 1000 points and...

Ahh, here we are. The Lamesaurus has evolved to the Shovasaurus!

does this thing look a little less mighty than any of you expected?

the neck's neat, I guess, but it doesn't really change the way I hunt... I still do one damage per bite, and now I do even less damage on running attacks!?

Moving on to the next unexplored region...

This place is populated by cowardly lizards that are relatively easy to hunt and eat.

The one advantage of my neck is that I can comfortably eat the leaves on the trees without jumping.

I eat for a while before deciding this place has no surprises left for me, and move on.

this guy looks a little tough... but I'll give it a shot. I dash in and... one... damage... uh oh.

a swift 9 damage in retaliation! I start to run for the zone exit...

...but get defeated before I can even escape.

Okay, it's obvious i'm not the most "fit" dinosaur. To survive I'm gonna have to evolve (check part 13 for the huge list of evolutions). I'm weak, i'm spongy, and easily bruised. I could use some help in just about any area. So what is it I go for next? YOU DECIDE.
again, first evolution to 3 votes.