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Part 16: Part Fifteen - This part is dedicated to Not Invented Here

Part Fifteen - This part is dedicated to Not Invented Here
Seriously, ACDSee is great. That was so easy i almost cried.

Moving on past the stupid Brontosauruses, I find some much easier enemies.

It's impossible to show with a screen shot, but instead of attacking these guys start shaking and cause a weak little earthquake. It does like 2 damage.

Biting them over and over works pretty well, but I think it's time to upgrade my jaws. Grinding time.

Let's see what the next area has.

These guys have a nasty tail swipe.

Finally, I get enough EVO points for the Toracodon jaws.

I'll bet they're big and scary like a T-rex or something.


well at least it tears shit up.

Five damage a bite, wow. These things'll carve quite the path through my enemies. Still, I can't help but feel like I'm not doing nearly enough shoving.

I can now attack the brontosauri fast enough that they can't flip me up for like 9 damage.

what's this? new area?

I thought we already established i'm totally cool with slime.


these little guys just BOLTED. I couldn't even catch up. Weird, I must have missed something.

I'll try grinding a little longer.

(not pictured: like half an hour of eating)

OOh! yeah! armor body! Now that we're well protected let's eat some more and try to power up our shoving ability.

The Stegasauri, which I previously had to hit-and-run, now deal paltry damage to me.

HELL YES! with the addition of the ptenodon crest and the pronesaurus tail, my shoving power now officially exceeds my biting power. THE SHOVASAURUS HAS MET ITS DESTINY AS PRIME SHOVING DINOSAUR. LET US ISSUE IN A WHOLE NEW ERA OF SHOVING.

Alright, I think the next part is a boss. It DID say "prime frog". Any advice for the fight before I plunge in? a strategy?

eh, whatever, now all I need is some primitive stairs.