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Part 17: Part Sixteen - in which scads of newborn frogs leap knowingly into the oblivion

Part Sixteen - in which scads of newborn frogs leap knowingly into the oblivion

Well this doesn't look like anything special, i've certainly fought big frogs before, no?

Wait what's that

And, once again,

Oeeuuughh, you've gotta be kidding me.

Oh no you did not just violently birth in my direction!

Ok you know what? fine. IT'S ON BITCH.

and then things got, like, indescribably ridiculous.

After her opening salvo, Prime Frog starts jumping so high it puts the to shame. It becomes this huge baby frog clusterfuck that stuns me until big momma comes a-crashin' down from above.

which isn't to say I don't do more than my share of damage to the little shits.


By the way, i'm getting really tired of all this meat casually hovering up to face level. I rarely have the opportunity to use the "eat" button in combat(as opposed to bite and shove)

this screen is perhaps the best one in the whole fight, simply because I was able to leap up and bite a frog just as she emerged from her mother's back, AND snap a shot of it.

I can shove these little guys a lot easier than I can bite them, though. It tosses them like ten feet and they die.

It can even knock the Prime frog out of her jump trajectory if I time it just right. If I don't, it's eleven damage.

Seeing an attack I can't dodge, (I was running right into it) I quickly go to the evolution screen.

I quickly added the cheapest dorsal fin and recovered all my health. My shoving damage even went up by one!

the SHOVASAURUS has evolved to the JUGGESAUR.

P.F. frequently jumps offscreen to discharge another litter of her disgusting backbabies.

...Which I then kill, eat, and try not to think about the carbuncles in GBS.

I didn't get a picture of that frog exploding in time, only of the shower of baby frogs that followed, and their immediate demise upon splattering the ground.

So now, I can afford to evolve some more if I want. Here's what we got.

I also have a new branched path.

So, evogoons, is it north, or east?
evolve, or save up?
I don't have any idea if you keep your points when you turn into a bird, and yet still completely willing to play this game blindly through on your advice. So far, it's been going pretty well!