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Part 18: Part Seventeen - Mount Brave

Part Seventeen - Mount Brave
Thanks for being so patient guys. I just finished up with most of my classes last week, and as everybody knows art school finals are ridiculously hard. Now I have a week to just sit around and animate.

Well, It looks like T-Rex Jaws got the most votes...

But unfortunately for the jaws enthusiasts, The Invincible tail got the first three.

Triceratops aren't very difficult.

They charge you, but a well timed bite will stop them.

An Ill-timed bite, however, will do naught but open you up for a charge attack.

I eat a few of their young. Just for laughs.

...And then shove them around for a while. It's pretty fun!

My bite is still no match for my legendary shove.

Jumping on them also proves amusing. Moving on...

I reach what appears to be a water area

I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that quickly normally, but we're some kind of hyper-metabolic nightmare, high on crystal and chomping a path up the food chain.

Oh yeah, I remember the "up" button. I miss that button.

Not pictured: I attempt to eat some shell thing, It bounces all over me and hurts really bad.

The other denizens of the water are easy enough to kill. Pretty good xp here, I just wish I didn't have to give it all up in a few screens.

Y'know what? I think I'll just spend the points I get here, now that I know I'm not gonna keep them.

and what better to spend them on than two legs?

Juggasaur has evolved to :KilldoWOAH, WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!!?

Okay, the color scheme's a bit of a surprise, but I can deal. Let's move on.

I think this place is important.

For the record: Pterodactyls are assholes.

My dinosaur constantly has this weird kung fu stance now.

Seriously, no joke. FUCK these guys.

THIRTEEN damage.

Okay, we're almost at the top.

So here, this is one of the most IMPORTANT votes.

Yes or no, first to... say, five. This'll completely change the game I'm playing, and... (if i've been hearing you right) even the ending? It's also a LOT of grinding i'll have to do to make myself a threat again. It also gives me option of ignoring pretty much anyone I want.