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Part 19: Part Eighteen - Wing++

Oh Luckyteach, you sure know how to make a man feel wanted.

(with the f5 smiley)

Part Eighteen - Wing++
Well before we do anything rash, it seems prudent to save our dinosaur for later.

Okay, i'm really really ready.

No turning back now...



Oh yeah, there's pterodactyls everywhere.

Those jerks don't stand a chance. Now that I once again have two dimensions of complete freedom, I'm able to position myself where I can bite and they can't. It's like being a fish again, but with air.

My shove attack does 2 right now, but it's a bit tougher to pull off in the air. I think i'm probably gonna go back to biting people.

Speaking of which, I suck at that.

I'm gonna have to evolve some new jaws along the way to help me transition to T-Rex jaws (i am NOT biting for one damage to 5000 ep.)

I also have a choice of where to go.
SO should I go to one of the new areas, or go back and grind some more for a while? I'm really just a flying marshmallow right now.

If so, which area should I revisit?

which jaws should I buy first? I have 500 points now but i'm not sure if those ones suck, so i'm willing to save (just not to 5000 in one go)