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Part 21: Part Twenty - This update brought to you by the fresh snow.

Part Twenty - This update brought to you by the fresh snow.

Ahhh, sorry about that short hiatus. I come to you now from my parents' computer in frigid So. Burlington, Vermont. I had to email myself all the rom files, and download zsnes to this thing. As a sort of apology for taking so long i've decided to super-size your entree at no additional cost.

So, if I recall, when we last left off we were about to evolve like crazy.

Tyrasaurus Jaws + Feather Body + Segosaurus Jaws + Thorn Tail + Horned Helmet.

OH FUCK YESS. Pterodactyl has evolved to Quetzalcoatl!!

god bless you


I give chase, but to no avail. I'm not quite fast enough.

Now that i'm so tall I can't reach these little mice if I needed to.

Whatever. Moving on.

Yes, Yes! Let us all let out a big, Stupid Howl!


So I start flying around, eating these things right and left. This is awesome.

I'm pretty fast, really strong, and deadly as all hell.

their attack comes in the form of a little whirligig, actually.


I can still shove, my the way, with my talons.

...after eating tons of dinosaurs...

I decide to evolve, just for the heck of it.

I got the bird tail!

Wow. I am FAST. like, REALLY fast now. On the ground i'm slower than a frog but in the air I am a JET FIGHTER.

time to move on.

Alright, time for some serious food chain usurping.

Alright, let's go! Bring it!

Hell yes! Two hits is all it takes to fell a mighty lizard.

Oh, this experience is great. I think I'll stick around hunting for fun/venting.

After collecting a ton of evo points, I decide to fulfil a wish left ungranted...


time to save my creation, for maximum horniness.

Say what you want, but I've still got the most beautiful plumage.

...I just made that my desktop background.

Okay, goons, What'll it be? Should we join the Tyrasaurs and rule the world, or destroy them all and disrupt the status quo?

edit: awww, my very first gold thread!