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Part 22: Part Twenty-One: Meteor Apocalypse

Part Twenty-One: Meteor Apocalypse
When last we left off, I was about to join the Tyrasaurs and rule the land of lizards until the end of time. We're back to the original image size for now, because frankly the last update was nearly more than this computer could handle, and I can't install ACDSee on it.

I have a good feeling about this

uhhh, sweet.

Let's try that again.

Wait, there's another green crystal here! That means... I can use one up.


I proceed to lay waste to the lumbering landbound lizards.

I run out of time before long.

Nevertheless, i'm only about 30% less terrifying in feathery quetzalcoatl form.

The rampage continues...

Sorry, GunnerJ.

And then the alien ships in space crashed and fell and everybody died!!!

...except for me...


'Cuz I had my tray table up! And my seat back in the full upright position!

Those of you with weak stomachs might wanna look away.

For a game that has aliens shooting smart rays at birds, this shit's dark.

It's this slow, slow pan across the landscape

full of destruction and death...

I'm glad I didn't know much about this game when I started the thread. It's really surprised me at times. After the lame ending before I had really low expectations for the apocalypse.

Living in vermont, I can identify with this.

Man, remember the extinction of the dinosaurs?
Yeah bra, that was wicked.


The yellow crystals are the wisest crystals of all.

Tastes sort of pumpkin-ey.

Is it already safe to say no one really wants me to do this?

this cave has creepy dinosaur ghosts, for some reason.

Why did they make up all these animal names anyways? Were the actual species copyrighted?


OOOOkay, another big decision folks! Frankly, I really like the form I'm in now. It's fast as hell, pretty strong, and it actually looks menacing for once.

Then again, i'm not sure how it would affect the ending if I decide not to mammal myself. Thus, it's up to you, goons.