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Part 24: Part Twenty Five: I mean, Three

Part Twenty Five: I mean, Three

Merry Xmas, everybody. I would have had this update yesterday but my parents bought me Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and I had to devote a pretty considerable amount of time to that, being a fighting game nerd.

for a second I thought this said "Hypnodon", and i got all excited.

Well, let's get this over with. Mouserat is evolving!

Mane + Rabbit Body + Fierce Jaws. Mouserat has evolved to Killer Bunny!


I thought I had a screenshot of these cats, but it looks like all I have is me killing them.

aw, man. Anybody know what's up with this ice wall? I can't do shit to it, and there's nothing else in the area.

In order to take the northern path I have to go back through the cave. Which is fine, because the cave had good experience.

(the +3 is a mushroom, which are plentiful in this cave)

These jaws are so cute.

This domain is fully of crappy squirrels, which suck and are full of crap. Needless to say, I kill and eat several.

Moving on...

I thought there would be some bird boss here...

But all I can find is a green crystal.

I eat it, and finding nothing else begin my trek back through the cave.

That's not what they'll be calling it when I'm done.

yeah, right, okay.

These guys are way too slow to fight back. I kill many, many of them and move on.

Oh good, now we can see how dangerous this Killer Rabbit really is.


Okay, so this body's great for preying on the weak and stupid, but I'm nowhere near the deathbird on the food chain. To kill these dinosaurs I'm going to have to evolve something.

Good thing I have TONS of ep.

I'm pretty sure I can evolve whatever you guys want, so let's hear some ideas! The rhinocerous route seems pretty legit, but I know nothing's more damaging than the jaws I have now, so I'm not sure if it would be wise to switch to shoving power.

What'll It Be?