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Part 25: Part Twenty Four: Fort Biiiiiiiiiiiirdmaaan!

Part Twenty Four: Fort Biiiiiiiiiiiirdmaaan!
Alright, sorry for the delay, but I return to you now with a huge update. We're back to the usual file size for now, because the program I used to resize them en masse was on my father's computer.

Did anybody watch the final? Did anyone at all have an opinion?

SO, when we left off I was evolving from killer bunny into something so terrifying it can take on a tyrannosaur.


Enlarge Body + Horse Body + Moose Horn + Lengthen Neck

I've got more life, and a nastier kick. Killer Bunny has evolved to Horsivore!

Though I like the looks of the moose horn, i've decided to stop pussyfooting and bive this beast some bull horns.

They, too, power up my kick ( )

The dinosaurs are still formidable opponents, but they don't just gobble me up anymore

I even discovered I can kick backwards at flanking opponents!

I clean house, and move on to the next area.

Buddy, it ain't the heat that kills ya...

...It's the competition.

Hey, what am I doing all the way up there?


I am soooo out of place in this ecosystem.

I am having a great time over here.

Ahh, delicious, nutricious blubber.

Who is this yeti I keep hearing so much about? :


I am so fucking strong...

Just look at that mammoth soar.

I kill two stupid mammoths before a big pink stupid mammoth appears, and engages me in conversation.

Are you... coming on to me?

Sounds trippy brah

shut up bitch.

yeahhhh... I'm badasss

This mountain just opened up.

aw shi

That's it! I've had it with you smug birdmen!

I'll show you lower.

Gah! Ninja birds!

These strange platforms appear to be teleporters...

I get really confused, and decide to try flying around. I bust out Goliath.

It works, and I find some treasure.

Ew, this shitty bird crystal just tastes like pellets.


That's adorable, he can't even jump high enough to continue. Even though he has 200 live points I decide not to save him for later.

Looks like we're gettin' somewhere now.

Phil Ken Sebben?

That's a pretty sweet robe, dude.

Hey, yeah, that kinda sounds like a good idea.

W.... What do you guys think?