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Part 27: Part Twenty-Six: And then I played through half the game again.

Part Twenty-Six: And then I played through half the game again.
If it's deathbird you want...

It is deathbird you shall receive.

I loaded my save from the River of Asteroid (I recovered it from the e-mail I sent myself earlier)

And pretty much played that part all the way through again.

Except this time...

Fuck being a mammal.

Some parts could easily be flown right over...

While other parts, like the bird king boss, were actually considerably more difficult.

The speed of the deathbird once it really gets going is second to none.

But if you're hit, and fall to the ground, it can be tough to regain the upper hand in the fight. My acceleration is a bit lacking.

The :Krad:ragon, or "bird-hulk" made another appearance during the boss fight...

...Which brings us back to here.

I decide to bust out the armor body, just for shits n' giggles.

It actually leaves me with less health than before, but I take lower damage.

That said, I pretty much had to stand still and bite rhythmically for this fight.

The superior reach and power of the deathbird made short work of the weak male yeti.

Look at that smug face. Who's the man?

Oh, right, I forgot. She is.

This fight takes some ZEN timing on my part. The only thing that works is bite, fly away, and bite again right as she leaps up to smack me. Literally her only vulnerable time is in the middle of her attack.

Just the same, I almost died again...

... which makes me very... VERY ANGRY.

I get a major break, and fall into a really nice attacking rhythm. If I just press attack on the exact half-second she leaps repeatedly into my fanged mouth.

I wonder...

Will I dream?

I do not feel even the slightest pang of remorse this time.

Aw, man, that show blows.


er, actually I was sort of hoping I could talk to those mammal ghosts again...

Oh, well, I guess I'm stuck as a terrifying flying death machine.

Nice comma splice you got there.

Sweet, I'm the one remaining dinosaur!

Wait wait WHAT

Haven't you been telling me to eat those crystals the entire game?

God you are such a bitch.

I'm still not sure why squirrels are the final step to evolve.

But whatever. I ate them all.

These animals have evolved for maximum sincerity.

Whatever, man, you sound like my shop teacher. seudo:


I'm moving through this age real fast. Nothing is even the slightest challenge for the Quetzalcoatl.

I flew right over this entire domain.

...That is, until I ran into some sea otters. Those guys are just too cute not to massacre.

awwww, they're throwing little adorable seashells at me!

Moving on...

I didn't take many screenshots here. Needless to say, alligators are boring and easily defeated.

Hey, look, I'm solid snake!

Sweet. Let's get Troy Hurtubise in here.

It only just now dawned on me that i'm bigger than a grizzly bear.

I decide to ruin their picnic.

Bears are both nutritious and delicious.

Oh, thank god, I've finally come across a fork in the road. This update is finally done with. So which is it first, goons, north or south?

(Oh, also, i've got so many fucking Evo Points I'll evolve pretty much however you want within the realm of birds if you guys want me to do something like add some horns, or change body type again, neck shortening, or whatnot...)

Oh, and one more apology for the delay. I think in light of the fact that I just replayed a bunch of the game, you guys'll find it in your hearts to forgive me somehow.