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E.V.O.: Search for Eden

by Vikings Vs Mafia


Gumfish posted:

Hammering in the nails in the coffin, voting mammal.

But damn, you must be tired of the music by now. This game has the worst excuse for a soundtrack ever, I always play muted.

QFT. I usually play while listening to something enthusiastic and happy, like The Go! Team or lately, Funkafric Booster.

Where were we

ah, yes. it was ALLLLL A DREEEEAAAMM

I wish shoving her looked more interesting... but that's what the 12 damage is.

She keeps blowing cold air at me.

...taking evasive action...

I've got her in a corner!

...Then she gains the upper hand.

I evolve quickly to survive.

Now she's stuck and I bite and bite and bite until I can bite no more.

I sure do look satisfied.

time to go.

I decide since i'm not up against anything particularly scary, I can afford to do some frivolous devolving.

Any requests? I'm interested in trying something a bit outlandish.