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E.V.O.: Search for Eden

by Vikings Vs Mafia


Rough week. nuff said.

So here we are, having newly evolved a cat jaw, a rhino body, and a mane.

Majestic, no?


so a bunch of squirrels get mauled, blah blah blah

I defeated the mighty moose.

(meese? mooses?)

Alright, let's take a good long swim

oww! the fishies! how they swarm!

Tasty, though

I would describe the following as a playful romp which went horribly awry.

They still throw shells n' shit, but whatever.

This part promised to be much more interesting without flight.

They look friendly enough.

running into alligators doesn't hurt much at all...

...but the bite is a quick 7 damage, and they like to swarm.

I slay them all, and proceed.

Grizzly bears fucking hurt, okay?

No joke.

Just the same, i'm able to slay them, and eat their precious salmon.

Knowing that we voted north earlier, I checked that out first.

Oh, sure, you laugh now, but what if I told you I carried Hepatitis C?


Take that!

And that!

Awesome. These guys are pretty tasty, but I've got a pretty fair sum of evo points. I just wanna keep moving on.

Hey guys, how's it goin!?


you're hurting me

i just

i just wanna be accepted

i just


I'm gonna eat every fucking one of you with my cat mouth.

I love how enemies fall asleep right in the middle of a massacre.

I like how you can't see shit around here.

These guys are pretty tough.

I'm gonna need...

A unicorn horn.

Yeah, that pretty much did the trick.

UFO's are SO last era.

Shit son, these guys attack quickly and viciously.

It takes me a while to figure out what works.

You have to kind of jump away from them and turn around and bite in the air.

Woah... you guys taste... funny.

Hey, wait, isn't that one of the...

Aw HELLL yeah!

Alright, well I guess this means I can evolve in another manner if you guys choose... Or, I could save them up... I'm not sure how much making a mermaid costs, and I think human's pretty expensive.

Whichever, though, this update's over. See you soon.