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Part 31: EPISODE 30: 20,000 Fathoms Under the Ocean

EPISODE 30: 20,000 Fathoms Under the Ocean

He's right, you know, extra-south turned out to be a voyage and a half.

I smell a side-quest! You know, this game would make an excellent korean MMO.

No matter what manner of mammal you are, you evolve fins simply by jumping in the water.

I remember these guys...

...Hands and feet...?

What do you suppose THIS is about?

Well, here goes nothing.

aw, an adorable little seal thing!

Well, it kills dinosaurs well enough.

...but it looks like I can evolve further.

Dolphin! Sweet!

I cause some mayhem, and engage in dolphin antics.

Aw, I'll bet this is gonna be something even cooler, like a shark!

. . .


Let's get the hell out of this thing.

We've reached the peak of undersea evolution!

take that, shark.

wait, a second... I kissing these sharks to death!??

whatever gets the job done, I guess.

Which creatures? The monkeys?

uh oh


lemme get this straight. Rogons are... Sharks... who ride other sharks... and carry guns.

The rogons just can't take the deadly mermaid kissing disease.

These guys must be guarding something.


Tastes like delicious sea cucumber.

I swim around their little shark fortress slaying the rogons.

...What's all this, then?

uh oh

No, actually I don't remember that happening at all.

...but for the purpose of showing you guys the ending... I agree.

I think this takes the cake for worst ending to any game I've ever played, ever.

Fuck this Rogon tool.

Before I could react, he hit me with this weird attack that blinds me outside of this little circle (think earthworm jim, with the cave salamander level)

Ack, I'm hit!

mmmWAH! Happy Valentine's Day, Rogon!


a-ha! His secret weakness was the prostate!

problem solved! Now, which way to go...

whaaat the fuuck!?

Ain't no thang, whale kang.

True fact. Jesus was a mermaid.

That's fucking radical. Go ahead and do that.


Funny that the whale king exhibits godlike powers.

alright, may as well try regular south now.

Alright, you have one minute.

cry about it, wussbird.


Stonehedge bananas! My favorite! How did you know!?

well, um

I ate a bunch of birds, and I can't figure out exactly what to do now... I probably just have to go back in there and kill tons more til I trigger some cutscene... but for now, I'm putting down the quill.
See you soon!