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Part 4: Part Five: If you can't beat em,

Part Five: If you can't beat em,

The first thing I did today was evolve a Kuralesche tail. Maybe I can outmaneuver those Zinichtys.

bring it ON.

Hey, it worked! I managed to keep swimming at just such an angle that I could attack him repeatedly without too much damage to myself. Plus, I think that tail gave me a lot more hit points.

I encounter a strange bouncing armored creature. They're pretty delicious.

Zinichty Attack!

He took quite a chunk out of me.

For the record, mysterious crystals are 100% safe to eat, and scrumptious to boot.

Uh oh, this doesn't bode well...

I'm starting to get low on hit points.

I start running dangerously low on hit points. There are just too many Zinichtys! Quickly remembering some advice I saw on the forums, I decide to evolve myself some health.

And what better evolution to make...

Than the Zinichty Jaws?

YEEEAHHH. I've been waiting to use that emoticon for soo long. : coolfish :

Those fools are no match for me now. I have out-evolved them.

So I've pretty much cleared this area, but I think I should evolve before I move on. Here's what we haven't already maxed out.

And I suppose if you want you can vote for me to downgrade. I'll go with whatever, really.