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Part 5: Part Six: The End of the Fishy Age

Part Six: The End of the Fishy Age

So first things first. I have decided to name this fish the Armor Plated Nexie, to recognize that it is now legitimately bigger. I evolve my body size and fins and decide to move on. It looks like the exit is hidden somewhere in this cave.

On the way in, I try out the dash move you guys suggested. This thing has mad knockback.

This volcanic area must be the way out.

These things immediately scare the shit out of me.

For some reason, these urchins are good eatings. Maybe it's my super upgraded jaw.

Cool, time to move on.

The masses of jellyfish don't stand a chance against the Armor Plated Nexie. It tears through them like a hard, spiney object through a jellyfish.

In here we find some weird little spiked creatures that fling themselves at me for paltry damage.

They are easy to crack open and devour.

Seaweed can speak? Strange. I wonder if they have names.

what is a strolite?

I have a good feeling about this.

They look like sharks to me.

They're a little tougher than the Zinichtys, but I've still out-evolved them pretty considerably.

They attack quickly, but can barely pierce my shell.

The starfish help me recover from fighting the sharks.

Joining now the spinecrabs are some roly-polys, which bounce around. They aren't dangerous at all unless you're right above them when they bounce and they ricochet repeatedly.

Wait, are THESE strolites?

Sweet, I am so in favor of a rebellion against the sharks.

the leader is nearby.

oooooh, I'll bet this is it!

be right back with a DOUBLE update, the boss fight, and the next area!