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Part 7: Part Seven: Frogfest '06

Part Seven: Frogfest '06
Westward it is!

Is it still evolution if you do it back and forth at will?

Interesting fish, there.

that hurt a bit. These guys don't seem to be much of a threat though.

I don't know why I laughed so hard at a fish saying "um,"

You don't say... ervert:

Well, that's that. Let's get out of here.

These ikustega are some straight up pussies. I can barely run fast enough to eat each and every one of them mercilessly.

I had to take this shot over and over to get the face I wanted. Some of the expressions in this game are really cute.

There are also some dragonflies overhead, but I can't seem to jump high enough to eat them.

This place is just one big lizard clusterfuck.

Soon enough, I experience my first nightfall. All of the other animals just fall asleep where they're standing, and can be sneak attacked for 30 seconds or so.

So far, this is the one advantage I see to land.

After killing this little guy, I come upon a new type of reptile, with a big horn on his head.

He attacks all battlebots style, tossing you in the air.

He is also good eats.

I still can't for the life of me figure out what this means.

I honestly don't know.

Oh, right, like this big gonk frog is gonna do anything to me.

Not pictured: Debustega jumps on me for like a billion damage.

He then went all Bo Rai Cho on the ground and I got tore up by acid bile.

"No, wait, that's not how it happened."

Doesn't the sun sort of... see all?

Alright, time to do some crazy grinding. I'm gonna need to out-evolve that frog, and I need your help.

I've got about 1000 EVO points right now. Should I spend them on something? Should I save them up for a huge upgrade? Should I start grinding now?

you decide