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E.V.O.: Search for Eden

by Vikings Vs Mafia

Part 9: Part Nine: You're both right, actually.

Part Nine: You're both right, actually.

Well, after hearing you guys discuss that secret I had no choice but to go West.

You can see the malevolent intent in my eyes.

These guys bolt when you bite them, so I had to jump to the other side and corral them in the level.

So yep, she's pretty pissed and the meat's super poisonous. I guess it's time to load state.

Ewwwwww, I hate these things. And they're... too... damn... fast!

Even if I hit one on the ground...

He just flies away unscathed.

I'm just gonna move on. No = No

Oh, hey there little lizard buddy!

Wanna get out of this bee-infested place, you and me go toss back a few?


good CHRIST these bees are tough. They swoop in for six damage, then sting you again for one. At least they move slow enough that I can hit them, unlike the roaches.

It's sort of hard to hit floating meat sometimes.

A-Ha! By standing on this little plateau, I have a much easier shot at the swooping bees. Every once in a while a lizard runs under me and a bee swoops in to get him. It's an easy hit, and an easy 50 EP.

And even if I miss and they swoop up...

I've got a high enough boost to grab them out of the air.

I also tried eating a lizard once, but it did like 5 damage. I guess cannibalism is strongly discouraged in this game.

Alright, I pretty much have a handle over this area but I think it would be a really good idea to evolve before we move on. I have a feeling 's gonna be fighting a lot tougher bees than this... Right now I don't bite that strong, I'm not very maneuverable... I could use some more hit points, too. Pretty much anything could use some evolution right now, except maybe the crest. I've got 1263, what do you guys think I should invest in?