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by axeil

Part 3: Acme Labs

We've been contacted by Sheela Merlan, the LC's chief researcher here on Earth, about research on the anti-gravity tank General Fang brought with him to the LC. So let's head over there and test it out.

While we're over at ACME Labs we're going to research that bullet upgrade we missed last mission. This should let us level the playing field a bit next time we run into ED units.

Gen. Fang arrives and moves his tank into the research base so they can compare it with the Moon m1 that Progress Manager Merlan thinks is so superior to Fang's tank. Of course she's wrong because Fang's tank is awesome and nothing beats it (except swarms of Eurasian Dynasty units).

Wait a second is that the Weather Control Center the Eurasian Dynasty rumors were talking about? It's not a hoax. Holy shit. We have to get that on the battlefield! Sheela better talk to Sombra and tell her we need that thing now! We have weather to control and battles to win!

Of course we smoke that Moon m1 in the race. Nobody's faster than Fang

Well that last bit wasn't weird or creepy at all Sheela! I'm sure you've got plenty of Moon-men back on Luna.

General Fang's tank can stand up to these puny 20mm guns even if there are uh 12 of them firing on him at once.

Okay now Sheela is starting to sound a little...excited. And High Counselor Korlan is intervening and sending her to a Harmony Center. What the hell is a Harmony Center? It sounds rather Orwellian. Anyway, let's go blow up some UCS mehcs.

Yeah! Look at it explode! It may just be some drones that don't fight back but blowing up stuff is always a good time.

Oh my god she's definitely hitting on us. And being hauled away to the crazy bin. But the LC are going to work on building a tank just like Fang's so at least this isn't a total waste. Now let's leave this place and never speak of it or it's creepy chief researcher again.

Except that Weather Control Center would be rather nice...Maybe we can ask High Counselor Korlan to go easy on Sheela. Controlling the weather is worth getting creepily hit on by a Moon-lady right? Right?

High Counselor Korlan has signed the documents making the alliance between the UCS and LC official. She just needs us to deliver them to a UCS base in the Arctic for the alliance to come into effect. Sadly it looks like the Eurasian Dynasty may have set up shop in the area. We'll need to be careful on this next mission.

Since this update was all at night, here's the first night theme for the LC. Sounds kind of creepy.