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Part 6: Bonus Update - Lunar Corporation Details

Now that we've got an idea of how the Lunar Corporation works (and I've got the Prima guides and permission from Slowbeef) I wanted to show off all the faction has to offer. These are all scans from the Prima Guide for Earth 2150 that came with the game (at least for me) and really helped me figure out how to not be an idiot.

Weapons, Structures and Units

First off here are all the Lunar Corporation's weapons and a few units. The Chaingun and Rocket Launchers are the same for all 3 factions. Not much to say other than that. The Electric Cannon and Sonic Cannon are the LC's energy weapons and like most weapons they come in standard and heavy versions. We haven't seen them yet so I'll save a deeper explanation for later, but I will say that the Sonic Cannon's upgrades allow it to fire faster. The Plasma Artillery is a weapon for a single unit (the Crion tank) and we won't see it till the end-game.

The Crater and Crusher are the heavy tanks of the LC while the Crion is an artillery unit. More on them when we unlock them.

Here you can see all the units we're currently working with (plus the Thunderer heavy bomber and two upgrades for the Crusher). All values are given for level 1. It should be apparent why the Lunar blows up at a slight breeze: it's the only LC combat unit to not have any armor. That third upgrade for the Meteor also allows us to put on a shield, but shields are useless for air units as there isn't an energy based ground-to-air or air-to-air weapon in Earth 2150. The sequels have some pretty devastating ground-to-air and air-to-air energy weapons though. Oh and I guess if you ever landed your air units a shield would be nice.

The Moon is a pretty good all-around unit and this chart bears that out. More HP than anything so far except for Fang, medium armor, good shield capacity, a quick build time and low cost.

We've seen all these structures so far save the Guardian, SDI Defense Center and Weather Control Center. The time to build is constant for every structure in the game save one for the UCS so that's not too interesting. What is interesting is the power consumption. Most LC structures are pretty power hungry and trying to use Main Bases as your defense will quickly black out your base at night time.

Research Trees

As I said earlier, we're already halfway done with chassis research. We still have yet to get the Crater, Crusher, Thunderer or Crion. It'll be a few missions before we'll be able to field them so just wait patiently, they're pretty good.

Oh and the Prima people misspelled Phobos as Fobos.

Really in-depth ammo tree you've got there LC. Since the LC relies so heavily on energy weapons it only has upgrades for it's 20 mm bullets and rockets. We've already maxed out the 20 mm bullets and we've only got the three heavy rocket and two regular rocket techs left to research.

Wow. That's a lot of weapons. The LC makes up for it's lack of chassis and ammo techs by having a fairly healthy weapons tree. We haven't researched a single one of these things yet so most of our research time is going to be spent on this tree. The Air Sonic Cannon can be devastating so I'm looking forward to showing that off to everyone.

Not too many special techs for the LC, however, they don't need lots of weapons research to get their super weapon unlike the ED and UCS. If you set things up right you can get the Weather Control Center very early. It's not always helpful but three of them fired at once can win a mission for you.

The Detector, Recharger and Regenerator all go on the Phobos probe and detect cloaked units, hasten shield recharge and hasten HP regeneration respectively.

Campaign Tree

Finally, here's the mission tree. I've blacked out the text on the split path because I'd like to keep that element of the game a surprise. Before we get to the Great Lakes mission I'll have y'all vote on which path you'd like to see. Both paths are equally viable even though you get an extra mission on the left-hand path.

I'll see if I can do the Kamchatka mission tomorrow. For now, I hope everyone has a happy New Year's Eve and is enjoying the thread!