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Part 8: Acme Labs 2

Back to ACME Labs we go for another meeting with Progress Manager Sheela Merlan to check on the upgrades to the TENEBRE prototype. Let's see what they've got.

Sheela's sarcasm. She sounds a lot less like a crazy person now and seems kind of nice and funny. Maybe she was just nervous around Fang last time. I thought the sign-off was particularly good. Counselor Korlan is not so amused with Sheela's familiarity with Fang though. All jokes aside, let's get that prototype tested.

Very clear naming scheme the LC researchers have got going on there. For this mission you literally do not have to do anything. The prototype will drive itself to all the locations, just like Fang's tank did back in ACME Labs 1. I think Fang's supposed to actually be the one testing the tank thus the delay in starting the tests.

Aw they're taking Sheela away for real this time. I was starting to laugh at her jokes and obvious attempts at flirting. The weird dynamic between Fang, Sheela and Counselor Korlan is pretty amusing, almost like these ACME Labs missions are the comic relief of the campaign. No time to mourn for the reassignment of Progress Manager Merlan though, we've got a tank to test.

General Fang wins again.

Nesley Sharlan, Sheela Merlan's assistant has taken over the testing. Guess they weren't kidding about transferring her. Oh well on to getting shot at by Defenders.

Seems like the hull does a good job of defending against bullets and it regenerates just as fast as Fang's tank.

And now it's time to blow stuff up. I like blowing stuff up.

Oh man this thing hits even harder than Fang's tank I can't wait to have an army of-

Oh. Looks like it just blew up when we shot that second tank. On second thought I'd not like to have an army of these. Self-destructing tanks aren't very useful.

Good news, Fang is perfectly fine despite the TENEBRE II blowing up with him inside. Seems like Nesley Sharlan doesn't know much about what's going on with the TENEBRE. I think replacing Sheela may have been a mistake, since she seemed to have a good grip on the research despite her colloquial nature. Hopefully this doesn't set back the TENEBRE research too much.

An escort mission? I get the sense there's ED forces in the region so we'll either need to be sneaky again or blow them all up. The UCS asking for an escort is no small thing and indicates a much greater respect for our forces. Maybe GOLAN heard about what we did in Kamchatka

Apologies for the shortness of this update. There's just not very much to do in ACME Labs 2. I promise more excitement next time.