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Part 10: Baikal

Okay. I told y'all this mission was easy and you're about to see just how low effort it is.

the end of Korlan's message posted:

our people. But we cannot, under any circumstances, sink to the level of our enemies or our allies. As long as I lead the Celestial Council, there will never be a single spy in the LC. It helps little for us to defeat our enemies in battle if the price is the sacrifice of our souls.

Affectionately yours,

So if we rush the base it looks like we can destroy it with the auto-destruct sequence. High Counselor Korlan doesn't approve of espionage though. That seems like a very bad way to run your army. If you don't have any spies who stops spying within your own organization? I suppose since most of LC High Command is on the Moon it's not that big a concern but what if an ED agent made a sister an offer she can't refuse? People always have desires and wants as much as the LC likes to deny it. I'd really like to not have to kill any of our sisters. They're nice ladies.

We start with 2 Lunar 20mms, a landing zone and a good chunk of minerals. Let's start building.

Fang's now on the field. Time for him to rush into the base! Hopefully his tank's armor holds up against the defenses. As you can see here, I don't even have my base constructed before I'm going on the offensive.

Oh. The ED hasn't gotten going either. Well time to blow it up.

Aw Sombra's such a softy. I hope they get out okay too

Well at least the ones that are just scientists and workers. The soldiers can go right to hell.

Fang has 18 seconds to clear out of the base before it all goes bye-bye. There's a few ED tanks here that'll chase you out but Fang can easily outrun them.

BOOM! A power plant and weapons factory survived somehow. Fang'll just have to go back and blow those up on his own.

The ED manage to build a Cossack but one Cossack can't hope to damage Fang enough for him to abort the attack. The weapons factory is kaput in a few seconds.

We've already won this mission and I'm not even done building my base.

I think this illustrates how ridiculously easy this mission is. I've only been in the mission for about 2 minutes at this point.

Sombra thinks the ED is dumb for building on top of a bomb. I'd agree with her if it weren't for the fact that the only reason the bomb blew up was because we activated it. She also seems very trusting. There's nothing weird about people carrying sidearms around on the base. And they don't even have security guards?

So you're saying if the ED wanted to they could walk right into our HQ building because there's no security? What the hell Sombra!? Between that and the "no spies" thing I'm getting really worried. I think I need to work on hiring some guards. This setup seems really risky

There's a few stragglers left so I send Fang and the girls out to hunt 'em down.

They don't last very long.

With the mission area cleared it's time to start collecting resources for CATHARSIS. 70k or so looks pretty nice to me. While we do that it's time to catch up on research.

First item on the menu is the Guardian Tower. It's like the Defender except better in every way. It can mount heavy weapons (although we don't have any heavy weapons yet) and comes with more armor and HP. It also requires power, but that's not such a big deal since the LC powergrid extends across the whole map. Just be careful when you build these that you don't overwork your power grid.

And now we can finally get the EC energy weapon. The Electro-Cannon is not quite as good as the laser, but it's much better at assaults. Why? Because the Electro-Cannon will damage a unit's or structure's energy stores in addition to its HP/shields. This is the same thing Fang's cannon does and it will let you disable units so they can't fight back. If you were the ED or UCS you could capture the units with your Repairer. Since you aren't you can just leave them there and laugh as they can't do anything.

The Electro-Cannon is done. And we have a news update! Apparently the Ixchel Research Center is to thank for our new toy. Thanks Ixchel!

Our next move will give us Air Rockets. They're exactly the same as rockets on the ground but now we can mount them on the Meteor. I generally prefer them to the 20mm cannons because once you have the rocket ammunition fully upgraded they let you hit and run really well.

Our newest unit is the Moon m3 E. 46 damage is fantastic and if I wasn't right up against the resource limit I'd build a whole bunch of these. We'll have to settle for only three for now.

And here's the Meteor m3 R. It's a Meteor with rockets. Wahoo.

Our first energy weapon is on the field. I'll be using a lot of these in the coming missions since they don't rely on reloading and wreck unshielded stuff. The ED won't be shielding for a bit so it's worth it to focus on energy weapons until they do.

42,000 CR extra is quite nice. I'll split it between research and spaceship construction.

We crushed Major Wlad. He didn't even get his mines built!

TENEBRE III? We're so close to an army of Fang's tanks I can taste it. This war is going to be over the minute we get them on the field.