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Part 100: Africa

rest of briefing posted:

Now Comrade, we shall commence with the First Phase.

The UCS has established a well-defended mining base in Africa. You should destroy this base and use its resources to strengthen your army. You will have need of this strength in Phase Two. Do not disappoint the Great Khan!

If you fail, the ED shall be only a ridiculed memory.

Success! For the glorious Czar, our beloved Khan!

Signed, General Tsugai Shakt, Mobile Commandos

Welcome back comrades! I can hear the Moon calling to us, but before we can assault the UCS's space port in Florida we need to ensure we have the numerical advantage needed for a successful assault. As General Shakt said, the resources available to us in Africa are more than sufficient to rebuild our army after the brutal missions in Europe. Our new, top line army will crush our enemies!

We start out with quite a large base this time around, however some of it is out of range of the power plants. There's also no mining infrastructure, so we'll need to build that if we're to rebuild our army.

No sooner do we start when the blasted UCS try yet another hopeless assault on our HQ.

The fools should have learned from their first failure. No one can hope to assault our stronghold now!

As in Western Europe, our enemies strike quickly before we have a chance to properly defend ourselves. The LC are using their new sonic cannons, truly a weapon of cowards.

Great Khan's Beard! Is that General Fang? I cannot believe the LC would commit their top general to this battle. Forward men! Kill this UCS dog!

Oh. It was only a copy Looks like the LC have finally manged to reverse engineer his glider.

We've driven off the LC, but before we have any time to rest the UCS also descend upon us. Our army is weak and battered from the first engagement and the UCS are beginning to push us back.

Our defenses are in ruins. Only the brave men of the Mobile Commandos stand between us and the robotic menace.

The UCS are targeting our aircraft. I am sad to report that all of our brave pilots were killed in this engagement. They will of course receive a hero's funeral.

We have new defenses ready for the next wave, unfortunately their new laser cannons aren't quite yet deployed. We'll have to hold off one more line with the beleaguered Commandos.

Losses have been catastrophic, but it does appear we will manage to drive off the UCS. These 7 warriors are all that remain of our once proud army. And yes, that is one of the starting Pamir tanks we got all the way back in the first mission. He's a tough son of a bitch.

The only bit of good news so far is that our mines are up and running and, for now, remain undisturbed.

I've committed the last of our reserves to this fight. The entirety of the Mobile Commandos are now in Africa.

With our new towers a frontal assault is suicidal. Thus, the LC have found a new avenue of attack. They seek to destroy our Supply Depot and starve our tanks of ammunition. This must not be allowed to happen.

We need...something more substantial to stop this.

Research: Heavy Tower

Yes, that should do nicely. Boasting 3 weapon mounts to the Large Tower's usual one, these new towers should protect us from both ground and and air assault.

UCS raids continue, but nowhere near the ferocity of their initial volley. We can now defend ourselves with ease.

LC troops have been allowed unfettered access to the area around the Supply Depot. We cannot risk them shooting down one of the Boyar resupply aircraft. This wall should do nicely to prevent that from happening.

Or it would've if the LC didn't kill the Gruz

Great. All our aircraft are now grounded. This means no aerial assault, but more worryingly, no resupply. I had been drawing up plans for a foray out of our base's perimeter but that will need to be shelved until we can ensure a constant supply of ammo.

You can't see it from this picture, but this Grozny is moving at about a tenth of the speed it normally does.

Research: Heavy Cannon

The LC and UCS are taking shelter as well it seems. Now's a good time to build that wall we planned on building but were unable to construct due to the untimely death of the Gruz.

Success! Now the LC dogs will need to drive all the way around our base to attack and be melted by our lasers before they have the chance to complete the circuit.

It's taken some time, but our army has been mostly rebuilt. We've moved from a force mostly made up of captured units to a more appropriate Dynasty army, filled with Khrushchevs and other tanks. It's nice...but it's missing something. Something with a bit more oomph.

Research: Mobile Artillery

Ah yes that should do nicely. Just wait until the UCS and LC see this, they won't know what hit 'em!

The winds are still raging but Dynasty meteorologists say the winds should die down soon, making it safe to mount an expedition in search of the UCS base.

Ah there we go. And they even sent out a welcoming party. How nice of them.

Oh shit. That's more firepower than we've ever seen out of the UCS. We cannot hope to repel firepower of that magnitude! Retreat! Retreat!

The retreat quickly becomes a rout as the UCS Jaguars are able to keep pace with our slower units. Dozens of units meet their end, including most of our remaining Grizzlies.

Our towers can keep us safe from the UCS counter-attack, giving us time to lick our wounds.

Well, at least the winds have died down. Note how completely decimated our army is. We even lost that little Pamir whose been with us the whole campaign

Go away LC, we're mourning!

And what better way to mourn than by destroying a UCS base?

Ohhh shit. Those are artillery shells. That means the UCS has artillery in this base. We don't have the air power for a bombing run. Our only hope is a suicidal charge. If we get close enough to the artillery they won't be able to blast us.


It...worked? We took some casualties but we're all still here.

Meanwhile, back at the base we roast some silly LC scouts.

And now the power's out! Time to raid the-

Oh you've gotta be shitting me. More artillery?

Charge again! We might be going right into the teeth of the base, but we'll last longer in there than we will against those artillery cannons!

Run! Run to the very thing that's destroying our army!

Good god. One more solid blast and we'll be annihilated. We've gotta get that artillery down! We just gotta give the Kruschevs more time!

We did it! We've destroyed the artillery batteries!

Wait. That blast came from the Fortress. That thing's operational! How is that possible? They're not supposed to have any power!

Take evasive action! Prepare to retreat! We can't repel plasma firepower of that magnitude! Not in this weakened state anyway.

Wait...something's coming. Something different.

It's our mobile artillery! He's getting set up for his attack run. But he's got two fighters on him. He has just enough speed to stay at the edge of their range.

The enemy fighters are coming in much faster this time. He's got the Power Plant damaged, but it wasn't a direct shot. It impacted right on the ground next to it.

Wait...what's that? Yeeehawww!!! The Groznys are here! Come on mobile artillery, let's blow this thing and go home!

We did it!

Research: Upgraded Heavy Cannon, Upgraded Heavy Rocket Launcher

More ineffective LC attacks. Boy, that laser formation looks really familiar, although I thought it was green and not red...

We did it we destroyed the UCS all enemies! Hooray us. Know what that means?

Promotion Time!

With the UCS base in tatters, it's time to turn our focus on the LC.

Hmm. Looks like the LC also have a Death Star artillery battery. Fortunately our air force is back to full enough strength to take them on.

It looks like it's working!

It's not working. We'll have to do this the hard way.

See, totally capable of staging a second assault despite getting the stuffing beat out of them only hours ago.

Of course, thanks to multiple Mobile Artillery units it goes far, far easier.

Not that the artillery isn't still annoying.

But given the poor defensive posture of the LC base it's fairly simple to just walk around it the other way, slowly picking away at it.

Oh fuck Crions

Thankfully it doesn't do much to us. And if a Crion can't stop us I really, really doubt a Fat Girl will.

Hey look, it's a Landing Zone. Maybe General Fang was here after all...

And that's all that remains of the LC base. I'm just gonna tell you that we end up blowing up the whole thing since they don't have enough power to run the artillery anymore.

And after a bit of searching we find the last of the UCS base and an absolute treasure trove of resources. That should be enough to build an invasion force for the Moon.

Many Dynasty troops died to bring us this victory.

With the funding and our army in place we still need a space ship to actually get to the Moon. And that's why we're attacking Cape Canaveral in Phase Two. I really hope we aren't stealing a Space Shuttle...