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Part 103: Finland

From the Diary of General Fedorov - Commander of the Mobile Commandos posted:

September 1st 2150

It has been four weeks weeks since I left for the Moon to destroy the LC's Project Sunlight. While Project Sunlight was destroyed, what I have returned to is nothing less than a disaster. General Axeil, Son of Khan Vladimir II and the Savior of the Eurasian Dynasty's has betrayed the Dynasty, destroyed our Spaceport and attempted to pin his pilfering of Dynasty supplies on me! Thankfully, the traitor died in the destruction of the Spaceport, a death suited for such a spineless coward. However, rumors do circulate that some of his lieutenants were able to escape. What they plan to do on with the planet's doom no more than 6 months away is beyond me.

While unable to destroy the evacuation fleet, General Axeil's destruction of the Spaceport and it's resources have dealt a major blow to our efforts to leave the planet. With the UCS heavily entrenched in North America and our South American campaign ruined by his treachery, our only option now is to mine in those areas so remote and inhospitable as to be a danger to every soldier who enters. It's not ideal, but it's our only hope. At least we were able to destroy that infernal cannon the LC had put on the Moon. If we were in such a spot with that weapon aimed at our cities, all would be lost.

The Khan has ordered me to push the LC out of Finland to allow us to access the bountiful resources in Scandinavia. Things are tight with the mass re-deployment and chaos in the Army so I can only spare a few units. Making matters worse, the LC are aware of our situation and a large attack force would allow them ample time to spot us and reinforce their position. A quick strike team will enable us to move in and cut the LC base out before they can alert their comrades. Let's hope it works.

Unlike the previous two titles in the Earth 2150 Trilogy, most of Lost Souls' briefing information comes in the form of videos. I'll be posting these at the start of each update.

Briefing Video: video link

Before we get started with our mission, let's check out our HQ.

Great Khan's Beard! This place is an utter dump. I suppose there's not much left that's usable now with Axeil's destruction of our Spaceport and subsequent nuclear launches, but damn.

The Khan seems rather calm about the whole "my son just tried to kill all of us" thing. Nice disposition.

While we started with no research in Earth 2150 and the Moon Project, we get a whole bunch of stuff for free in Lost Souls. We have all Pamir, Siberia, Chaingun, Laser, 120mm canon shell and 20mm chaingun bullet upgrades. Not much, but at least it's something.

With that all said, let's get over to Finland.

rest of briefing posted:

General Fedorov: Is that not Finland?

Czar Vladimir II: Yes, use caution. The LC control Scandinavia. Now is not the time to attack them directly however...just get the raw materials! Keep your eyes open for artifacts which will help you complete the mission.

General Fedorov: I Will do all that is necessary

Like Fedorov alluded to in his journal, we're going in very light. All we have are 12 Pamirs and 8 Khrushchevs.

Meanwhile, our flyby of the LC base indicates it's uh, terrifying.

rest of briefing posted:

Pilot:There is a hidden path to the northwest of our present position. It leads behind the defenses and directly into the LC base. We also assume that there are artifacts in this area. The LC has more or less no defenses covering that path. If we can get to their base and destroy their energy supplies we have a good chance Comrade General!

General Fedorov: Good. Let us start with the operation.

Well at least the Krushchevs have shields. That'll help out.

We encounter a few patrols on our way north. They aren't worth writing home about.

A husk of a Gruz. Undoubtedly destroyed during our retreat from Finland during the LC's invasion.

Another patrol engages us outside the ruins of Helsinki. The town was completely destroyed during the 2140 War.

For the sake of completeness I have some of our units scout around the ruins of Helsinki. You never know what you might find in these old husks. Rumor has it General Axeil found a god damned flying saucer out in the desert while he was on campaign in North America.

There are only 3 research options available to us this mission and I'm grabbing them all.

Research: SDI Defense Center, Scout mk II, Mobile Artillery

One of our scouts discovers a much more substantial patrol right as night falls.

Our Pamirs take quite a beating, but most of them are only damaged, not destroyed. We will continue to move towards the LC base under the cover of darkness.

Just as our aerial scouts indicated, there are artifacts here that we can use to refuel and reload. With everyone now ready for the assault, let's see if we can take down the LC base before they know what hit 'em!

Damn it! That scout said the western flank was undefended. This does NOT look undefended to me!

LC mobile defenders pour out of the base. Thankfully for us, they're only Moons and Lunars, completely outclassed by our Khrushchevs.

I keep working on the towers, rotating heavily damaged units to the rear of the line to allow them to recover.

But eventually everyone runs out of ammo and we have to make a tactical retreat back to the artifacts.

With the Guardian towers destroyed, the base is as easy to penetrate as our scouts predicted.

The only true resistance we meet come in the form of these Lunars.

Guess what happens when Lunars take on Khrushchevs? Well I'll tell you, it ain't pretty for the Lunars.

With the base defenses neutralized the power grid falls in minutes, cutting the LC off from any reinforcement attempts. From here we merely need to complete our razing of the base.

It's made a bit tougher since we need to constantly move units back to the artifacts for resupply, but we get the job done by daybreak.

Not so tough now are you towers?

If the LC are going to counter-attack our best defense is...a really big wall.

First we build the base.

Then we admire it.

Then the LC launch a pathetic attack.

And finally we build our really big wall.

All we need to do now is wait until the resources are extracted.

Victory! We'll need to destroy the base as we evacuate but this is a great day for the Dynasty. We've got enough resources now to rebuild the electronics that were sabotaged by General Axeil.

Scores are always good when the enemy doesn't have a base to attack.

Next time, we go to Korea, where the UCS has attempted a bold invasion of Asia. The launching pads for our shuttles to the evacuation fleet are nearby, so we need to drive them back into the sea!