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Part 104: Korea

From the Diary of General Fedorov - Commander of the Mobile Commandos posted:

September 5th 2150

We managed to destroy the LC base in Finland and get the resources we needed for evacuation fleet's electronics. That traitor won't keep us nailed to this doomed planet! Unfortunately, we've just received word that the UCS have landed in Korea. No doubt they'll be trying to blitz into China and capture or destroy our rocket launching pads. The evacuation fleet is useless if we have no way to get the people there.

We're still hurting for supplies so I'll be working without some of our tougher units. Still, it should be enough to push the UCS off the peninsula.

Briefing Video: video link

Bit of a warning right off the bat, something got screwed up with my video card so half the screenshots are in Aqua Vision like those terrible Viagra commercials. They're still fine just a

Well that's simple enough. Let's see what we're up against.

Uh, any way I can get some heavier guns in here? Maybe some air units? No? Nothing.

This isn't gonna be easy, is it?

One advantage: We've got lots of resources just waiting to be violently driven out of the ground. That one patch has enough to keep our war machine humming for quite some time.

We also get new units! This is the STEALTH. It works just like the UCS's Stealth units except we can mount a weapon on it. Pretty handy.

Research: Helicopter Rocket Launcher I and II (yet they give me no Helicopter chasses to use )

This is a sight I don't think we've seen before. I'm actually investing in naval units. Given the position of the UCS base we'll need to achieve naval superiority to cut-off any reinforcement attempts.

Right off the bat I secure this bridge. It looks to be the only crossing from the North to the South, so it's crucial that we hold it.

And what better way to hold it than by putting the bulk of our war machine on the other side?

Of course the UCS Gargoyles have a slight objection to that...

Meanwhile our Khrushchevs have found a UCS tower line guarding the ruins of this city. I guess it's Seoul? Not really sure. No matter, as they left their backside completely exposed. This mission might be easier than I thought.

Gargoyles continue harassing my front line production.

It looks like the UCS is counter-attacking in retribution for my conquest of their outpost. It wouldn't be that threatening except almost everyone is out of ammo so I pull back to my base.

The added firepower from the structures allows me the upper hand, when the UCS moves to retreat I press my advantage.

...and fall right into the UCS's trap. Bogged down in the forest they pick off all the remaining Khrushchevs. From here on we'll have to do it with Pamirs, Siberias and STELATHs.

Making matters worse, the UCS are now trying to steal our resources. That's not very nice

In retribution for their crimes against the Dynasty I decide to burn all the UCS units I find with my lasers.

I've cleared out the last few Small Towers from this outpost. Let's see if it heads anywhere meaningful.

Shit, looks like it does. I secured that first crossing for nothing!

Uh, ignore the next set of pictures comrades. One of my subordinates must've fucked with the film. Hopefully the nice blue shades will give you pleasant memories of a time before all this war and strife.

Note how the UCS fleet cowers and runs in circles at the sight of our scouts!

Back further inland my army of Pamirs, Siberias and STEALTHs has found another UCS outpost.

We of course raze it to the ground.

A UCS counter-attack runs right into the teeth of our lasers.

With our army on the move, perhaps it is time for the navy to get involved as well. This should be more than enough to rout that puny force I saw while I was scouting.

With the UCS outpost to the east destroyed I feel safe enough that I can set up a second forward base here just south of the second bridge.

Just as I predicted, the UCS fleet is utterly outgunned.

Not even their air force can stop us.

Uh well maybe the rest of their fleet can stop us.

Retreat! Retreat!

It appears this land bridge is the only way in or out of the UCS base. After pushing a UCS attack back, it's time to being our assault in earnest.

This outpost falls rather quickly.

However, it appears the UCS has gotten wise to our tactics and mined the only path into the base proper. This calls for something I've never called for before: A Minelayer.

You were given one at the campaign start and I hope to hell that you kept it around since you can't build any.

With the rest of the army in support, the Minelayer begins the mine clearing operati-


WHO PUTS GIANT PLASMA TOWERS IN THE MIDDLE OF A MINEFIELD? ME! That's something I would do! I don't like the AI being smart now.

Fuck it, let's just see if we can push through.

Welp. Between losing a quarter of the army to mines, and another quarter to plasma I'm going to say we can't.

At least we cut the power to the towers though.

After reinforcing our navy we're able to win the day and sink the UCS fleet! Huzzah! At least it wasn't a total loss.

Unfortunately given the position of the UCS Anti-Air towers they're able to shoot down all attempts to resupply the navy. Out of ammo and taking fire from the Spiders on shore I'm force to retreat again.

With the Minelayer lying in scrap in the valley I go for a distinctly Russian method of clearing the minefield: throwing dozens of tanks in there to blow up the mines

This has to be the worst job in the entire Dynasty. "We're gonna put you in this tank made out of tissue paper, now go drive through this minefield!"

And the few that do survive get eaten by this horrifying wall of Plasma towers on the other side.

Yeah...I've got literally no idea how to deal with this. I don't have any strong energy weapons, I don't have an airforce, and there's no way around the back.

I'll continue with my Russian strategies and just throw wave after wave after wave of tanks at them.

I even ship over all my credits from the main base (around 80,000) to help fund this wanton slaughter.

Continuing the "bad news on land, good news at sea" pairing, my fleet is finally able to secure the harbor around the UCS base.

With the harbor captured it's open season on the UCS's landing beach. At least we've got the robo-bastards trapped now.

Many, many waves of tanks later (about 30-45 minutes of real time), I think I finally have a group that can deal the killing blow.

I've already told the tank pilots that I don't want them returning unless the base has been burnt to the ground. Failure will be met by either the UCS's plasma cannons or my laser cannons.


Finally a breakthrough! The destruction of this power plant has neutralized the western half of the line.

Too bad the eastern half is still shooting at us...

But that should put a stop to that. Only one power plant left to deal with.

With the defenses shredded we're able to occupy the center of the base.

Unfortunately, everything here is still very, very deadly as no less than 4 Boyar supply helicopters figured out. Sorry guys, I figured at least one of you would make it

After manually telling the new Boyars to fly all the way around the base, we're reloaded and ready for the final assault.

THANK GOD, IT'S FINALLY DEAD! I don't even want to know how many good Dynasty men died trying to take this. It feels very World War I.

And here's a big heaping helping of bullshit. The game just gives the UCS this giant army of free units every 10 minutes or so. Lost Souls doesn't give a fuck about fairness.

But at least once I kill this last free wave of units the UCS gets I win. Finally, something like 2 hours of real-time and at least a week of game-time later.

One Hundred and Sixty Eight Units Lost. I think that's more than I lost in all the Moon Project missions combined. Lost Souls is just utterly brutal, you should get used to casualty numbers like this.

Despite our victory in Korea, there's bad news on the way. Remember those electronics we spent last mission mining the cash for? Yeah turns out the base they were being constructed at was attacked by the LC. We'll need to save the base to save the electronics shipment. There's not enough time to manufacture a second batch.