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Part 109: Dam, Part 2

From the Diary of General Fedorov - Commander of the Mobile Commandos posted:

September 24th 2150,

Huzzah The dam has been destroyed! This will force the General Command to delay the launch of the evacuation shuttles by quite a bit. We haven't captured them yet, but this delay will give us enough time to form a strategy. General Ivanov has indicated he has some news for me so I will speak with him later today.

If this intel from Ivanov is right then the General Command is headed right for us. Why bother? This doesn't make sense...

Briefing Video: video link

rest of the briefing posted:

General Ivanov: Yes, I think so too. And I'm asking myself if there was more than just a food production system here...

General Fedorov: You think something is down there that they want to get their hands on? Perhaps we should send divers down.

General Ivanov: Already done Comrade General. But the divers will need some time to search through all the wreckage. Maybe 4 days?

General Fedorov: Then we'll need to prepare to receiving the General Command counter-assault.

General Ivanov is a little optimistic here. We actually need to hold the dam for 104 hours, or 4.25 days. Fortunately we have a lot of what we had in the previous mission. And there's been some additional construction. The two generals now hold a total of four bases around the dam, 2 on each side of the drained basin.

One in the northwest. This is the weakest of the three with no solid walls, tanks nor any real non-tank production infrastructure. It'll be no more than a speed bump in a true battle, but I hope we can make it as big of a speed bump as we can.

There's one in the southwest. This is moderately more armed than the first, but it has large gaps in its walls and no static defenses. Fortunately with the dam destroyed it's no longer an access point across the basin. Of course, this means that, unlike the other bases this one is isolated. It'll be very hard to move in anything once the battle starts going. On the plus side, we do have some tanks.

Our third base sits right across the destroyed dam from the 2nd, in the southeast corner. This is what Fedorov and Ivanov built in the ruins of that giant mine-filled base that caused us so many problems last mission. We've been unable to replant the mines but the base boasts a full compliment of tanks, towers and a full mining complex. Due to the nature of enemy attacks (the GC has been spotted coming from the west) this is likely where we'll need to make our last stand.

Finally we have our main base in the northwest, the same spot we started last mission. The Generals have really built it up and it's going to be our economic backbone. So long as we get some defenses up and cannons mounted this base can hold its own without even needing to call upon its ample reserve of tanks.

Oh and one more thing. No reinforcements. We'll live or die on this map.

You also might notice that a lot of these screenshots have been taken while in pause mode. I've started doing this because of how quickly these missions ramp up. There's no longer time to sit idle and show things.

Okay, let's start the clock running. We've got 104 hours to go and our first order of business is putting guns on all these Weapon Production Centers. Again, it's not going to be much against a whole battalion of Urals and Khrushchevs but it'll slow them down enough that we can prepare for the assault at the main base.

Speaking of the main base, someone has dismantled the defenses we placed to our south last mission. I'm going to need to do some funneling to the front of the base so rather than building towers or pillboxes I'm just going to close off the south of the base. This will force any enemy attack to go the long way around and into the teeth of the base.

2 hours in and we have our first encounter. The GC moved south, rather than north. An interesting call. Perhaps they want to destroy this base so they can establish their own?

Fighting is brutal but with our tanks using conventional arms and the GC using energy weapons the odds are tilted slightly in our favor.

Those odds tilt even further when we relocate the engagement within range of the WPCs' guns.

We take moderate losses amongst the tanks and also lose 2 WPCs but it's not too bad an opening.

If the GC is going to focus on the southern base we'll need quicker resupply, so I build a Supply Depot on the other bank of the drained basin.

Meanwhile, the northwestern base is still woefully under-defended. To remedy that I spit out a few Khrushchevs.

The main base's southern wall is complete.

If this is to be where we finally retreat we'll need to ensure the walls are rebuilt. Again, we'll be trying to funnel the enemy into a specified area just as we did up top.

The WPCs are ready for whatever the GC may throw at us.

And our mighty army of 4 Khrushchevs are ready to give us warning of any enemy attack...and then die very quickly. They're our canary in the coal mine so to speak.

Ah this is familiar. Once again these Thors are going to be eviscerated by our heavy rockets.

And our canary base has come under attack.

The tanks don't last very long but at least they've manged to take out one or two of the enemy Urals.

Back at the main base we've finished off the aerial attack.

Oh shit. The GC are ignoring the rest of our northwestern base. They must realize it's only meant to slow them down.

Quick! Build more defenses!

And who the hell rebuilt those bridges? Tear them down!

Whew. Now we should be able to keep the enemy on the western bank.

Or we should, except the water in the basin has all flooded out, giving the enemy a very convenient non-bridge land route. Quick! Fill it in with walls!

More Thors

We finished just in time. The Gruz came under heavy laser attack but was able to get away. Now the enemy should be stuck on the opposite shore.

Of course there might be another path over...

Oh good! Looks like there isn't another path.

More Thors. These attacks all go the same way so I'm going to stop informing everyone about them. Just assume every 6 in-game hours or so more helicopter pilots fly to their doom.

And things are going rather nice in the-

What the fuck? How did we get GC troops inside the southeastern base? Did they come from the east?

Oh fuck me. There is another way across. Unfortunately it spits the enemy right out in the middle of our southeastern base.

By the time I realize what's going on it's already too late. We can't spare the tanks to retake the base.

Well...maybe the UCS will help us out? Ya know, kill all the GC tanks and then just let us do the mop up.

The GC tanks have paused here in the hills. I'm not sure what they're doing but maybe they're getting ready to engage the UCS.

Regardless of what the GC is doing I need to get something in place fast or they'll overrun us. Walls have worked well so far, so we might as well stick with it. A solid wall across the southern entrance to the base should do nicely.

And another wall here on the beach.

One last one. We'll need a wall along these cliffs so the UCS doesn't try to scale them.

More GC tanks. Our base in the southeast is still standing but it's just a matter of time now.

The best endorsement I can get for my walls: the other Gruz is stuck on the wrong side and can't figure out a way to get over.

Looks like the UCS are using cloaked units. As if this wasn't hard enough already.

Goodbye southeastern base! You were, uh, not really all that helpful actually. Sorry we didn't get to use you for our last stand.

In a bit of good news we only need to hold out for another 2 days. More than halfway there already!

The GC have disabled the last tower on the northwestern base. It's not as dead as the southeastern one yet but it's pretty close.

The northeastern and southwestern bases are still doing okay though. I have no idea why the GC hasn't tried attacking the southwestern one again.

Hah! Yeah that's right you run away. Too bad you didn't bring any Gruzes with you to rebuild these bridges. Not that we'd let you anyway.

With just over 40 hours left here's what things look like from the top of the main base in the northwest. Aren't those walls lovely?

I wonder if the GC knows that lasers don't work all that well on buildings...

See I don't know what the GC is trying to do standing across from the former bridges like that. They're not going to magically rebuild themselves.

Wait a second, what's going on over on the walls?

Oh no you don't! You do not get to shoot at my walls. That is against the rules.

One of the GC units thinks he's sneaky sauntering up and shooting our walls like that. Good thing he can't get in.

Unfortunately I guess he told all his buddies because now they're pouring in

There have to be at least a hundred missiles flying in this screenshot. Our walls didn't keep the GC out entirely but they funneled them right into this kill zone.

We're barely taking any damage. Meanwhile the GC Urals are melting before they even get into firing range.

Huh well look at that. I guess the General Command aren't a bunch of idiots. They're going to try and breach the walls here so they can sneak into our rear. Clever.

Or they could just walk right back to where all our defenses are.

This amount of laser power would be impressive if we weren't obliterating them with our missile before they could overheat anyone.

1 day to go and we're looking pretty good. Our walls may have been breached but we've got enough healthy tanks that we can repulse any attack.

And we can rebuild

Good luck breaking through that before our divers get back.

Whoa! The GC has remembered that the southwestern base exists. If the attack is anything like the last one this is probably it for our last base on the west bank of the basin.

Wait a sec, are they retreating?

Holy shit are we winning?

Yes! We won! I have no idea how we won that battle, but good on you little tanks! Now hurry up and get back inside the walls so I can rebuild them.

Just in time too. That looks like a much more serious enemy force, but they're completely ignoring the southeastern base. They should be hitting us soon so everyone brace yourself.


Southern wall eh? I guess they got here faster than I-

Well fuck.

I want every single one of you shooting at these UCS Panthers and Jaguars. I do not care if you hit each other or any buildings, I want them dead. Do you hear me?

12 hours to go and I'm not so sure we're going to be able to make it. Panther Ps in your base usually has a bad outcome.

They just keep on coming. We've been fighting them for 2 in-game hours now.

Some of the Jaguars are also carrying the UCS stealth system, making them hard to spot before they're right on top of us. Fortunately I have some Radar in the rear, but without that we'd be fighting totally blind.

Not that fighting while seeing is helping all that much...

The battle has gone on for 4 in-game hours now and the UCS show no signs of slowing, which is a bit concerning given that I'm starting to run out of shells and tanks.

Is that the last one? I think it is.

Damn. That attack was rough. Our army has shrunk to less than half of what we started with and our walls are in ruins. Let's rebuild them one last time, we only have 7 hours to go.

Uh, why did our Gruz just explode?

Shit shit shit. The GC must've been waiting for the UCS to clear out before starting their assault. Now we have them in the rear of our base too. This is gonna be close.

The UCS too!? What the hell is going on here. Are the General Command and UCS working together? This all makes no sense.

Something is definitely up. They're ignoring the GC units entirely and going straight for us. troubling. Could NEO have survived? Could these be his units?

The last of the UCS Jaguars has fallen. I'm amazed the southeastern base has lasted this long but we're going to need every last Dynasty soldier here in case there's one more push.

With only 1 hour to go I'm guessing the GC/UCS won't be able to manage much. So even if these units aren't needed at least they'll be able to evacuate with the rest of the army and tell tales of how they were only attacked twice all mission.

rest of the briefing posted:

General Fedorov: Good, we'll stop this current attack and get out of this place.

So fun fact for this mission. It doesn't say it anywhere but you need to kill every enemy unit that's on the map for the mission to actually end. This isn't in your Goals tab nor is it explicitly stated anywhere. I spent a good chunk of time wandering around the map looking for any stragglers.

I'm honestly pretty happy with this 3:1 kill to death ratio. Especially when you throw in those UCS robots throwing 120 Jaguar and Panther plasma units at us. Trust me, this mission wasn't nearly as easy as I made it look from the screenshots.

The Generals notice an important ED base has been left undefended in China. A very important ED base. With rockets in it.

Next time: Fedorov and Ivanov attempt to capture the ED shuttle rockets in China!