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Part 11: Acme Labs 3

Before we start LC News has a weather report for us.

No more snow. Okay, time to test the TENEBRE III!

God. Fucking. Damn. It. This is why you need spies Lunar Corporation!

ACME Labs transmitted the specs for the Weather Control Center to us before they were attacked. It'll take a long time to research, let's hope we can finish it before the facility goes offline.

See look at this. No guards, no units, no defenses of any kind. We were in Dynasty territory this whole time. Why didn't they secure this place? If I was Fang I'd be pissed right now.

An important note for this mission. That object there is an artifact. Artifacts give your units ammo refills, or energy topoffs or other things. This one gives the unit that touches it a shield. It is also one of only two places in the game where Fang can shield his tank. It is really important that you use this on Fang or he'll be vulnerable to lasers the rest of the game.

Okay time to unload and send in Fang and the air force to kill this traitor...

Aw fuck. Looks like this traitor had an auto-destruct code too. She takes off to to the west and there's nothing to stop her from fleeing to the south except the Defender towers that the labs used to test armor regen.

Fang races across the lake for the third time. It's not so fun and playful this time, no joking from Sheela. Just a traitor to kill.

The Meteors find a number of Pamir tanks scattered throughout the approach to the south. Fang should ignore these and focus on the TENEBRE. If you stop to get the Pamirs you'll lose.

Fang's gaining on the TENEBRE but she's still a good bit ahead.

This is it! This is where the TENEBRE and it's traitor pilot are fleeing to. The air force is given orders to scramble to destroy it. If we can destroy this tunnel entrance there will be nowhere for the pilot to run. Maybe she'll surrender and get the prototype back. The research was all destroyed in the research base's auto-destruct so our only hope of getting the TENEBRE on the field is recovering this prototype.

The tunnel entrance is no more. The traitor has no where to go now. Surely she'll surrender, right?

No, what...what are you doing? The TENEBRE keeps on heading south, refusing to stand down. Fang is going to have to kill her.

That's it. She's dead. And with her dies the TENEBRE project. What a kick in the nuts.

Her name was Jadima Laikan. She drove the Moon back in that first test at ACME Labs. I imagine that wasn't easy for Fang, Nesley, or Korlan.

At least the Celestial Council will understand the need for internal security now.

Today innocence and naivety have died. I doubt the Lunar Corporation will see things the same way again.

Oh shit. That's a lot of tanks. I assume they were there to protect the prototype once it got in the tunnels. With that plan foiled they're now going to work on destroying the rest of the LC base.

These Defenders are holding them off long enough for Fang and the airforce to get back to the Jupiter. It's going to be very close.

Fang picks up the shield upgrade. 3,600 PSU is a lot of shielding, but there's no time to marvel over this upgrade. We need to get General Fang out of here before the Pamirs show up.

They make quick work of the Solar Power Plant, sending the few base remnants into darkness. It's only going to be a minute or two before they reach the landing zone.

I'll miss you ACME Labs. We had some great times here. Thankfully Nesley and her staff got out okay. I hope word doesn't get to Sheela though. She'll probably take the news really hard, she had worked with Jadima for years

LC News has a report on the tragedy.

There is one silver lining though, we completed the research on the Weather Control Center before the facility was destroyed. It's cold comfort but the WCC will allow us to do some amazing things on the battlefield.

rest of Alia Tiolan's message posted:

The ED troops must cross the rive to get to you. If you destroy the bridges you'll buy us enough time

It's like the first mission all over again. We'll see if the WCC can help us here.

We're 9 missions into the LC campaign. So far the UCS hasn't done a damned thing to help us out. Women of the LC have died to defend the UCS from ED attacks and to deliver their convoy vehicles while the UCS has yet to come to our aid. We've seen the sorts of things the Dynasty is capable of. They're strong fighters and look like they have the upper hand on the UCS. We know they were interesting in allying with us before things were finalized with the UCS. Maybe things would be better had we made a different choice...

So why not change our minds?

If I get the chance maybe I can talk to the ED and form an alliance with them. Similarly, maybe airing our grievances with the UCS will get them more involved in helping us.

Voting Procedure

If you'd like me to stick with the UCS write UCS and include the UCS logo like so:

If instead you think it's better we jump ship and cozy up to the ED, write ED and include the ED logo like so:

Voting will run from now until I reach the mission where a decision is possible. If the vote ends in a tie I reserve the right to pick the side I'd rather play.