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Part 111: China, Part 2

When we last left our heroes they were between a rock and a hard place, cut off from reinforcements and with cloaked units heading their way. Let's pick back up right where we left off.

To say our situation is grim would be putting it mildly. Our army is trapped here, unable to advance or retreat. We fortunately are in range of some of the small towers and can clear them while the remnants of our air force looks on. They too were able to knock out some of the small towers, but at a terrible cost. Our once mighty air force is now only 3 helicopters.

With this we can at least attempt aerial resupply. But we'll never punch through those defenses in time. We need those artillery units now!

I have two Gruz units, one back at the landing zone and one here. If this one doesn't rebuild the bridge there won't be enough time to bring up the second one.

Oh shit. That first cloaked unit was just the beginning. Now GC Urals are popping up right in our face and blasting us with lasers. Hurry up that bridge! We can't hold out against this kind of firepower!

Almost there...just give it a few more minutes.

Success! The bridge is back open for business. Now go go go go and get to the front, we're not going to be able to take another assault.

The artillery batteries open fire. It's effective, but still won't be fast enough.

Unfortunately for the GC, I've got a little surprise planned for them. 10 of them in fact.

The air force is now useless for providing air superiority but they can clear out supply lanes from enemy anti-aircraft fire, so I task them with that.

Presents for everyone! If by presents you mean 10 new artillery units to rain death down upon the enemy.

The air force has mostly cleared a path for our Boyar supply choppers, although there are still some troublesome towers left.

Our artillery has blown a massive hole in the side of the base. Normally this would be the time to send everyone in to push our advantage, but given both the time limit and the beating everyone's taken I don't want to risk it. I'll let the artillery continue to soften them up.

Still not soft enough...

The air units have cleared out the last anti-aircraft tower between our position and the resupply base though.

Almost there...

Those little white specs on the screenshot are the artillery shells being fired. Usually they're nearly invisible but given the volume of fire I'm putting out it's quite noticeable.

Perfect! Nice and limp just the way I like it

With the base defenses neutralized it's quite easy for us to roll in and start taking out the structures. Well, assuming everyone can get out of this bottleneck.

Our Hans continue to hunt for rouge towers, and I've finally been able to call up reinforcements from the south. It's no flying armada, but it should be enough to keep things safer.

This line worries me. Artillery, ready your guns.

The rest of the base is falling

Bombs away...

The GC are attempting a counter-attack but our Wall of Doom has stopped them cold.

That's just one volley's worth. I love you artillery. I really do.

The enemy base has been cleared out. Now to find those rocket pads...

Looks like there's more base down in that canyon. You know what to do boys.

Of course you may notice there are a bunch of tank corpses in this screenshot. Why are they there you may wonder?


The whole area is mined, we'll need to move cautiously as we head towards the launching pads.

This is it. The whole campaign comes down to the next 24 hours. We open it with a bombardment of the remaining structures down in the valley.

Look at all that artillery fly. It's glorious.

Yes, that was from the volley I just showed you.

The base defenses are down but we've got a problem. It looks like the GC are using Screamer units to jam our communication. Our units won't be able to receive any orders while the Screamer is alive.

Although, given what our artillery is doing to the base I'm not sure it matters all that much...

That's a whole bunch of repairer units and none of them are doing anything to help fend off our attack. I always knew those General Command dogs were lazy wimps, unwilling to charge into a line of enemy mortars just to stave off a building's destruction by an extra half second.

Even the Minelayers are getting in on the fun. Sadly, I need them doing mine destruction not taking pot shots at enemy towers. Things are mined well into the base proper.

Ah-hah! We've found the Screamer. See him hiding behind the Vehicle Production Center? He's toast now.

But more importantly, we've found the launching pads!

With the Screamer dead I'm back in control of the army. We've got 15 hours to go and this one is going to come down to the wire. We need to secure the area around the base and ensure that all GC structures are destroyed.

Yes, all of them.

The only real notable defense around the launching pads is yet another minefield.

We don't have time to wait for reloads so I'm putting another resupply center right on top of the launching pads.

Okay, now you can take potshots at the other Minelayer.

Even though the launching pads are firmly within our grasp, we still need to level anything the GC has in the area. We'll start with this mining complex while the Minelayers move up this hill looking for any more mines.

10 hours to go and our forward resupply base is up and running.

The artillery softened the area up for the rest of the army, as I've discovered a more pressing problem.

Pictured: the more pressing problem.

Remember how I told you there were two ways into the base? Yeah...we still have to destroy everything guarding the second entrance and we only have 9 hours. The artillery are going to need to throw out more shells than they ever have.

They also are going to need to not get in range of enemy lasers! What the hell are you doing, turn around!

The mining base is coming along nicely.

As is the western gate. While it may have seemed easier to cross via this gate than the eastern one, the majority of the enemy's weapons production is centered here and we'd have been coming uphill. It looks easy here because there are nearly no rear defenses and I'm using artillery.

Just a few buildings left down there, mop up shouldn't take more than another hour.

Meanwhile, back at the western gate, all the power has been cut and there's only a few structures left.

that's the last structure we've done it!

Wait where's our message congratulating us?

So fun story. Remember how I said you had to destroy all the structures? They really do mean all. Including small towers hidden off in the mountains like these ones. I had to use a trick to unveil the whole map just to find them because I kept on running out of time looking for them the normal way.

Oh we still have to capture the rocket launching pads? That's a bit anti-climactic after all we've done.

16 hours is more than enough time though.

Come on home boys. You deserve to watch as our first rocket heads to the space ships, stranding those GC dogs here on the planet.

Alright, let's start disabling.

We've got our first launch pad, but it has no power. Guess we'll have to capture those too.

Two out of four.

Three out of four...

We've got them all! This is a great day for the Dynasty!

Incoming Transmission, Encrypted Channel posted:

Capture Team: Uh, Generals we've got a problem. There's nothing in here.

General Fedorov: Nothing in there? That's impossible. The General Command hasn't left yet. We made it on time, I know it.

General Ivanov: Are you certain? Is it possible there's some sort of hidden chamber? Maybe a nearby bunker?

Capture Team: We're certain Sir, we've checked everywhere.


General Ivanov: What, what is it?

Artillery Command: Look north! The rockets are launching from behind those mountains! The rockets are launching! Oh my god they're leaving us! Generals, they're leaving us!

General Command Rocket Launch

General Ivanov posted:

Stop thinking like that! Pessimistic again, eh? As long as we're alive, there's a chance! There's always a chance. You have to believe, Fedorov. Let's return to base and gather our remaining troops together. Perhaps the more of us there are, the easier it will be to find a way...

From the Diary of General Fedorov - Commander of the Mobile Commandos posted:

October 2nd 2150,



God damn it.

I'm sorry everyone., I've failed. I've failed and now I've doomed us all. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

There is no other way off Earth. We don't have enough time to build a second fleet and we just watched the last shuttles depart. There is no other way. There is no hope. We are all going to die here. I'm so sorry.

May god have mercy on us, The Lost Souls.

Fedorov, no...

The remnant of the Dynasty are gathering at HQ. General Ivanov has assured them he has a plan.

It's not much, but General Ivanov has noticed some strange LC activity in France. Their evacuation ship left days ago though so there's a chance it's only some sort of radio echo. Maybe it's an abandoned base. Still, it's the only lead they've got.

Next time: The Generals' Last Gambit