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Part 120: OPERATION ION, Part 1

from the Journal of Selena Shattan, Chief of Security, Project ESCAPE

October 19th, 2150

We've got it. The teleporter technology we need to get off Gaia is in our hands! Of course we now must help our new metallic friends overthrow GOLAN. Doing so won't be easy. But before we even start that we'll need to capture the Dynasty's Ion Cannon technology. Without that we'll never be able to disable the main core. Sadly, the ion tech looks to be located on the exact other side of the world from us. Blast! It's never easy is it? I'll begin preparing my sisters for another voyage across the sea...

October 20th, 2150

Well that was unexpected. We won't be making the voyage across the sea after all. Kilija says it would take too long to uproot everyone and move that far away. We were initially planning only a short trip, perhaps into Canada. We simply don't have the time to get the Ion Cannon and disable GOLAN and make our way back to Poland. There is one option available to us though. Thanks to our victories against the Dynasty in Europe we've come into possession of some abandoned silos. Kilija tells me we can modify one of the missiles as a sort sub-orbital airplane and establish a base that way. We'll have constant radio contact, but I won't be able to go myself. We'll need to send another commander over, one who frankly might not return.

October 21st, 2150

Kilija told me today that they've found a volunteer. Her name is Aemi Surnia, and although she's not exactly a combat veteran, she's willing to help out. She's even more raw tactically than I am, but she's all we've got. She's worried about making it back, but she's the only one who volunteered for this. We've cautioned her that this is almost certainly a suicide mission but she insisted she go. She said she refuses to see our efforts go to waste because no one would step up to the plate and take a big risk.

I like her spirit. We could use more women like her.

Once we establish a radio link I can direct her while she manages things on the ground. She'll have to send the first bit of info in a text report, but once the base is humming we'll be able to communicate normally. If things go smoothly the plan is to send her back the long way, across the Pacific. May the Goddess protect her.

Briefing Video: video link

Secret briefing for the USA part of the mission

Aemi Surnia's Report - October 22nd, 2150 posted:

Well I'm probably the last woman who will ever leave Earth on a rocket. And probably the first to do so after sitting inside a missile silo, but hey, whatever, I'm here. Security Chief Shattan was nice enough to forward on the briefing Kilija sent to her. Looks like we'll need to be cautious, but it's nothing we haven't seen before.

Of course the briefing made no mention of how the hell I'm supposed to make it home...but I'll worry about that later. First, it's time to smash up some Dynasty dogs and steal their stuff!

Jeez, Selena. You couldn't have found somewhere a bit more suitable to send the rocket? Alright, let's get a base up and running. I don't know why I'm putting all these details in this report, I'll be talking with you Security Chief Shattan in only a few minutes.

I also don't understand why our protocol says I can't say "you" instead of Security Chief Shattan. We all know you're the only one who's going to be reading this! Plus, there's no rules anywhere saying what in the stars we're supposed to call Kilija. I humbly request we drop this formality once we're actually talking.

Research: Guardian Defense Building

Okay there we go! With the Main Base here I can use it to establish a more solid link back to the USA and let Security Chief Shattan start seeing what I'm seeing. It'll take a bit to get the equipment running though...

There we go! Now to just key in the message...

Uh...that's not good. The Dynasty wasn't supposed to know we were here! I'm sending this transmission on now! Security Chief...fuck it Selena! Please advise!

Hmm...looks like the ED have spotted us according to what Kilija's seeing on the satellites. Aemi's comms look to be functioning so I'll start up the full video link...








Damn it! Okay the video link with Aemi is going to have to wait. We've got a bit of a situation on our hands.

Yeah, yeah Kilija I know I have to hold these bases. Shit, come on gotta get these defenses up quick.

It'll be around 132 hours until the UCS waves will stop according to our satellite intelligence. This is going to be one crazy fight.

On the upside, we do know that all the attacks are going to come from the west. I made sure to put my base here at the crossing points of these two rivers, thus all the attackers are going to be forced right into our teeth. Thank Goddess for small miracles right?

Research: Upgraded Air Chaingun and 20mm Bullets

Shit. The first wave is here. And it looks enormous. Okay, hold on everyone here we go!

Aemi Surnia's Report - October 23rd, 2150 posted:



We are under attack at the forward base in the US. Will establish uplink once we've dealt with threat. Until then, continue to send reports using secure channel

Well that's just great. At least I'm not under attack.


Of course it would be nice if good ole Selena could've spared some Fat Girls for me. Or shit, even some Moons or Lunars would be helpful. The whole idea of this is that she'd be the one making all the choices here. I was just meant to set everything up and look pretty.

Looks like we've gotta start building a lot of gliders...

Research: Xyrex Power Plant, Earthquake Generator 1 and 2

These New Hopes are pretty snazzy and I hear they're good for scouting. Let's give it a shot?

A whole lotta nothing, but at least we found more minerals.

And a big drained lake. Yikes.

You know, I was a bit panicked at first but this isn't so bad at all. Maybe that Grozny was just a lost scout. I haven't seen anyone for hours. And our new mining base looks good.

This town on the other hand has seen way better days. Of course that's the story pretty much everywhere now...

Hmmm...those walls looks suspicious. I think I'll go around on the ridge instead.

Yep, definitely a smart call to use the ridge. I think I've found the ED Research Base!

Now to just tell Selena and...oh right. Under attack. Critical importance to Project Escape. Can't be bothered right now. Etc, etc.

Well, I could give it a try, no?



Huh? Signal out of range? That's impossible. I just sent a report in to Selena yesterday and things were fine! What's going on? I've got a good sight line to the sky, my equipment is working fine. There's barely any Dynasty around so they can't be jamming us...


Unless they already know we're here.

Get out of there now! This is some kind of trap. The Dynasty are jamming us! Repeat! Get out of there!

Shit. They're definitely jamming us. Those New Hopes are just sitting there. What are we going to do...

Okay, hold on everyone. This wave may not be it.

They're beginning to collapse! I think we've managed to drive them off! Whew!

Let's make sure they didn't leave any stragglers behind...

They're what now!?

Go, go, go, get that tunnel entrance down!

Well, at least there aren't a lot of them? VV

Of course, you don't need a lot of these to take out a building. Yikes.

Let's see if I can re-establish my connection with Aemi. She's probably going out of her mind now...



Uh...well. That' I assume the Dynasty started jamming her and her equipment doesn't have the strength to punch through the noise. Damn.

Well Aemi I hope you know what you're doing, because you are on your own now.

Aemi Surnia's Report - October 24rd, 2150 posted:


There's Dynasty tanks everywhere and they just disabled a mine and...and...THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT SELENA! You and your stupid live up-link...why didn't you just come here instead of me!?

Okay, okay, calm down it looks like the counter-attack is working.

I'll build a wall. That's what Selena'd do right? Build a wall? Yeah. Yeah, I think she likes walls.

Research: Plasma Artillery, Air Sonic Cannon Upgrade

Aaa! There's more of them! Quick, kill them!

No, no, no, no! This isn't what was supposed to happen!

Is there anyone who can respond? Anyone? No?

They've completely wiped out our mining base

Our counter-attacking force is very small. I hope it's enough... I've also found new mineral deposits to the south and have begun ordering the mines dropped from our orbital stations. This is really not going well...

Well this is a bit of a surprise. The UCS have a base here. Maybe taking it out will slow down the attacks?

Its defenses are utterly minimal. I don't think this is where those walkers are coming from.

Looks to me like this is just a re-supply base. Damn. Still good to destroy, but it won't alter the tide of battle all too much.

Still, it's good object for me to vent my aggression on.

Bombers. I wonder if these are from the same squadron those mystery Bats came from?

Wherever they came from, they picked the wrong part of the base to attack. With all the AA there they didn't have a prayer.

Things have been quiet overnight. The technicians confirmed that it's definitely Dynasty jamming that's interfering with Aemi's signal. Nothing we can do on our end but hope she manages.

There's a small skirmish right before dawn. Not much worth reporting on, but a few minutes later I think I know why they did it.

There's a massive UCS incursion underground. They were trying to move my focus to the surface to ensure they could destroy the Tunnel Entrance and deny me further underground reinforcements. Fortunately the girls downstairs knew what was up and were able to neutralize the threat. Still, it was a rather close one.

Aemi Surnia's Report - October 25th, 2150 posted:

I. Cannot. Win.

Right after building this mining base we get attacked! And not by any old tanks, no sir. No these are invisible. Yep. Invisible fucking tanks. Because Kilija and Selena were all, "Hey Aemi we know you have no real combat experience but we thought it'd be fun to send you over to and fight some invisible tanks. Oh no don't worry I'm sure there won't be any there, plus Selena will totally be helping you and not blocked by some strange jamming device. That'd be fun right? Right?"


And now they're capturing my buildings. Well no! You can't have them. I'm calling in an orbital pick-up.

Holy stars that worked It actually worked. I sold the building and then when the Dynasty shot at the Orbital Construction...thingies it caused the power plant to fall on their heads and kill them!


Of course, that stupid grabber is still running around grabbing buildings, but we aren't being shot at any more. Progress!

My little strike force is enough to take out the random grabbers and other small units.

Okay, now let's build a wall! I'm sure a wall will work!

A wall did not work...

But a wall and some Guardians look like they might do it!

I've been awake for over an entire day. I'm ending this report here. We'll see how this holds through the night.

Well, maybe the underground attack was a diversion too! But this isn't that big of an attack... I've sent in everyone but given this attack's puny size they should be more than enough.

Another underground attack shows up, but I know better than to pay it any heed this time.

After much deliberation I've split our forces into three groups. The first group off to the south there will hold off any enemy attack on our flank. The air units in the center will act as a rapid response team to an attack in any direction. Finally, the rest of the army will sit north of the air units, right on the base's doorstep. It's my hope we can funnel most attack units into this location.

Only three more days to go! Still haven't heard word from Aemi though...

See what I mean about our anti-air being effective? Only one bomber even got in the base.

In the morning fog our Crions spot some approaching stealth units. We'll need to take them out so as to not get blindsided by invisible attacks. But these units can't hope to match the range of a Crion, and they're dead before they knew what hit them.

Aemi Surnia's Report - October 26th, 2150 posted:

Okay, never mind the sleeping thing. There is no sleeping when you're in charge. Because no sooner did I close my eyes when suddenly I was bolted awake by a bunch of screaming klaxons. The Dynasty are attempting to break in through our wall. Heh. Let's see how they like my new additions.

Well, I would say it was an intense battle, but that would be giving the Dynasty too much credit. Our Guardians sliced through them like...something that slices really well?

And while they were busy slicing I managed to get our first mining base back up and running again. Yay for me!

See? Look how well these Guardians handle attacks! Why the stars didn't Selena give me a heads-up about these things?

I've even got a little defensive outpost here next to the base. We'll need to keep building to get it ready to attack, but with the Guardians doing their thing we should actually be able to make headway.

I love watching those sonic booms come out of the sonic cannon

Okay, with our base secure I think it's time to finally start pushing out. And I have a surprise in store for the Dynasty...

Crions! I have no idea how they work but I know they hit hard. I've seen the footage from some of the battles on Luna. You do not want to be around when this thing fires.

Tomorrow we strike...just as soon as those Crions are ready. I'm not sure I could do it without them.

Research: Artillery and Antimissile (final 2 researches)

Turns out those units weren't scouts at all, but the start of a new wave of attack. This time they're focusing on using Shadow Generators. Great...

And if the Shadow Generators weren't bad enough the fog is as thick as soup. I can barely see anything!

It looks like we're winning though?

Yes, definitely winning. Those Thunderer hS are really coming in handy.

All's quiet underground. For once.

This is the longest attack. Sheesh.

They also just walked right into all my missiles, sonic blasts, plasma projectors and other fun surprises.

Is it over? I think it's over.

Well for a few hours anyway. Now the UCS are trying to hit me in the flank. We'll see how that goes.

We were once again able to divert them to the main killing field but we're beginning to run low on numbers. I'm not sure how many more times we can do this...

Seems like these bombers come every morning. And every morning it's the same result...

Aemi Surnia's Report - October 27th, 2150 posted:

All right! Who's the big fancy soldier now, huh? Yeah, that's right it's me!

Hah! They didn't stand a chance against me. Even the base isn't shooting at me.

This is too easy. I mean, I know I have no real idea what I'm doing, but I'm pretty sure the bad guys are usually supposed to shoot back at you.


Run awayyy!

Quick, someone do something. Anything. There's too many missiles!

There's still a lot of missiles but I think I see less coming from the sky? Does...does this mean we won?

Yes indeed, it looks like we did. Woohoo! Go Aemi, go Aemi, go Aemi!

None of the towers even shot back at us. This is a complete joke. And to think I was scared. Hah!

I'm pretty sure we can blow this base to bits with just our Crions.

Okay, let's start working on this base.

...Er, I said let's start working on this base.

Hey, why are there blue squigglies all over my units?

Oh no...This must be the jamming. I can't talk to my troops anymore! Goddess curse it! I'm ending the report here. I've gotta find a way to break through that jamming...

I've decided to consolidate back into one single unit. There simply aren't enough defenders to adequately defend both the flank and the center. I'll be moving them as one, which should hopefully work quickly enough to blunt any attack.

After I sent down a larger force these underground attacks, while terrifying for everyone in the buildings, aren't much of a threat.

One day to go. We're still standing by to pick up Aemi's signal from China but folks around here are starting to feel pretty bleak about her chances.

Oh this is new. This morning the UCS decided to attack from the north rather than the west. Never seen that before.

It still wasn't nearly enough, but I give them points for trying.

The daily bomber attack really did not go well this time. No one even made it past the fighter screen.

Wait a sec, does anyone else just hear that? Sounds like it's coming from the uplink station!

Aemi Surnia's Report - October 28th, 2150 posted:

Ooookay Aemi. You've got a bunch of units but you can't give them orders because your communications are being jammed. So what exactly is our play here?

Huh, well at least they still defend themselves.

Maybe we can try going under?

Oh except the units down here are affected by the jamming too. Hmm...

What if I just order everyone to move in? We'll lose contact with them once they're in the jamming field but the base seems completely crippled now. If we knock out the jammers then everyone will come back online and can keep going.

It worked! It worked! We took a whole lot of losses but I'm able to get some signal now.

Hey wait a second, I should try getting in touch with Selena back at HQ!

And the base is down! With the transmitter working again let's see if we can't get through to Selena...



Sending this and all previous reports over the secure line. Please advise on status. The enemy base has been destroyed and we need only to secure the Ion Cannon technology. Repeat. ED base has been destroyed, please advise on how to capture ion tech.

Holy shit. That girl did it. I don't know how she did it (well actually I do, she sent her reports) but damn. She pulled it off. Sending back a message now...

Aemi Surnia's Report - October 29th, 2150 posted:



Wow! That's great news. You are cleared to capture the ion tech on your own. I think you've earned this one.

Just remember to secure the technology before you destroy the research base. Once it's gone we'll see you back here at home! I've attached the navigation charts and route you'll need to make your return.

Happy Hunting!

Huh, maybe that Selena isn't so bad after all. She's not even going to take command of this last bit. I guess I really earned my stripes this week, huh?

Okay, enough feeling proud of myself, we've got some tech to capture! I've got eyes on a line of towers. I'm gonna take a guess that's where we want to go.

Move out everyone! I'm hungry and I hear there's Ion Cannon on the menu up ahead!

You'd think they would protect this a little more substantially. These towers are a joke.

Okay, there's the research center. We'll clear out the defenses, grab the data and then watch some fireworks.

We're clear to go.

And...we have the data!

We still need to transmit it back on the secure channel, but we've got it!

While we wipe out the base I'll send the data over to Selena...

We've got 8 hours to go. Aemi is probably starting her assault as we speak and we should have the data shortly.

Of course we have to survive first...

The UCS are trying to break into our flank for one final attack.

I'm bringing everything I've got. The satellite recon says this is their last attack force. If we can make it through this we'll have won the day!

No one said it would be easy though. The UCS have switched over to their grenade launchers and are absolutely ripping apart our Fat Girls and lighter units. Thankfully the Craters can take a bit of a pounding.

Almost there...

Woohoo!! That's it. Last ground assault has been repelled!

We just need to destroy these stragglers in the tunnels and we'll be...hey what's this?


Ion Tech Captured

Will transmit back from Main Base

YES! Great job Selena!

Aemi Surnia's Final Report - October 30th, 2150 posted:

Thanks Kilija and Selena. Now I just need to get back to the Main Base to transmit.

Uhh...we've got a bit of a problem here...ED forces are storming our base. Shit, need to get this data out...


Transmitting Ion Tech now. Be advised, ED tanks in base.


WHAT!? Are you crazy!? Get the hell out of there!

Sorry Selena, I've gotta send this out or this all was for nothing... Besides they already destroyed the transport I was going to use to get home. The walls are shaking but I think they'll hold long enough to send the message.

I'm...I'm not scared of dying, I don't think. I just...just don't forget about me okay?

Selena, just please remember wha-KRRRRSSSSSHZZZZZTTHZZZZZ


We may have won the battle, but we've lost a great woman of the Lunar Corporation. We won't forget about you Aemi. When we get off this planet great songs and monuments will be built to you. You took on a suicide mission when no one else would and gave yourself so that we might all get off this dying planet. That's not easily forgotten.

Our loss rate in the first mission was spectacularly high because of those damned jammers. The LC have no counter for them so you just have to sit there and hope that your units kill everyone first. It's annoying as hell. It's also a very, very hard mission as you can't bring in any outside reinforcements.

And in the other mission we kicked ass as usual. Defensive missions are really, really easy when you can bring in units from HQ.

After the victory in repulsing GOLAN's troops and Aemi's success at stealing the Ion Cannon tech we're ready for our assault on GOLAN. This is it! It'll be our biggest battle yet.