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Part 13: Great Lakes

Another day, another UCS convoy without an escort.

Yikes! Some snark and disdain here from Sombra. I don't think she likes computers.

Here's the UCS convoy. This one is made up of a Mammoth construction vehicle and 3 Harvester Is. Unlike last mission, this time 100% of the convoy must survive.

And here's our ultimate destination. We've got quite a way to go to get there, unlike last time where building a bridge would've solved the whole problem.

On the research front the Regenerator is now available. The Regenerator allows for quick healing of any unit nearby. It's pretty useful and from now on I'll usually park one near the entrance to the base to keep everyone healthy. There are three upgrades but for now we'll stick with just the first version.

Fang has shown up and the convoy will now follow him wherever he goes, just like last time. Unlike last time, I'll be using 2 Meteor m3s for scouts and use the Moons as my strike team. The new energy weapons will let them wallop the enemy.

See? They're blowing up Pamirs even faster now!

Our unit limit increases by 10,000 CR this mission so I take the time to build reinforcements back at HQ, mostly sonic cannon or electro-cannon Moons.

The Phobos will die almost immediately if you are attacked, but they're extremely cheap and fast.

end of Neo's Message posted:


Don't leave me hangin' here, buddy.

Neo End,

>>> Thus spoke Zarathurstra: A nation is the most evil of all evils. <<<

A hacker named Neo who hates machines? Whoa.

His offer is pretty tempting. The chance to re-unite with an old comrade, resources, peace and fancy technology. It'd be easy. The UCS convoy can't fight back.

Just pull the trigger and this war with the ED could be over...

But Fang can't do it. He's no traitor. Maybe in an alternate universe he'd be able to throw aside his country and his promises, but not in this one. We will continue on our mission.

Neo is a really awesome character and regardless of what you choose here he'll be around for the rest of the campaign. Of course if you don't ally with him he is a massive, massive dick and will make you hate everything. But if you do ally with him it's like having god on your side. You'll see.

Our Meteor scouts encounter another group of ED tanks. These ones are double-barreled and could pose a bit of a problem. But they can't shoot aerial units. I'll use the Meteors to soften them up.

This makes them complete pushovers for the rest of the convoy escort. I don't even know if anyone got damaged here. It's a bit unnerving though. Neo's offer is still on the table even though we're slaughtering his new countrymen left and right. The offer won't be withdrawn until we finish our mission.

The scouts run into some Siberia Rs. Sadly they can fire back, so I pull the Meteors back and have the Moons crush the Siberias. Once again, it's pretty easy. This whole mission is incredibly easy actually. Almost like the designers wanted to make sure the whole convoy survives even if you make some mistakes.

To make it so the only way the convoy can be destroyed is if your hand does it.

Yet another ambush for us. These Volgas are heavy amphibious ED units. The Heavy Laser hits just like a regular laser, except harder. Typically you'll only see Volgas used as mobile platforms to launch nuclear missiles. For that reason they're usually high priority targets.

Fortunately these ones aren't carrying nuclear missiles and our air force can quickly knock them out.

We find one final ambush and I was able to get some screenshots of the sonic cannon in action. You see that faint purple circle around the Moon? Any enemy units hit by that circle will take damage. It's extremely easy to take out clustered units but one-on-one the sonic cannon isn't so great due to it's recharge time.

The ambush was right outside the UCS base. Fang could practically see the UCS wall from the ambush location.

end of Sombra's message posted:

I think that answered my question all right. You don't, by chance have more friends of his, uh, caliber do you? I sincerely hope the answer is NO!

Health and happiness!

The alliance offer from Neo is null and void. And Neo confirms what we've suspected: that the AIs of the UCS are completely in control now. Let's hope Neo doesn't totally fuck us over in the coming missions He will totally fuck us over in the coming missions.

The Mammoth is building and the Harvesters are harvesting. I hope we made the right choice...

The Regenerator can repair the damage from the battle very quickly. This Moon was almost dead when she got back to HQ and in only a minute she's already back to 75% health.

Not much to say on the score sheet. The Dynasty only had 23 units on the field, I think my suspicions about this mission being an easy win were correct. 23 weak units is nothing at this point.

Sheela's base is under attack? We must save her so we can hear more jokes!

And for the first time the UCS will be helping us out. Maybe we made the right choice after all