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Part 131: White Russia

from the Journal of Marcus Gordon, UCS Representative to United Earth

December 5th, 2150

We have been accepted into the alliance. Given our actions in Great Britain, protecting their chief of security, it was a quick discussion, but a discussion was held nevertheless. Apparently they had been working with UCS units earlier but they turned out to be GOLAN-controlled and nearly captured the project. However, given the small size of my army and the documents I handed over, they believed my sincerity. A woman named Kilija is in charge of this entire project, and given that all three of Earth's factions are now united in mission, she's decided to start calling us "United Earth." She even made up a new logo for us, all three factions symbols layered on top of one another. She said it was to symbolize that if any one of us falters, we all fail. Nice bit of imagery, but I don't think anyone is going to go around making flags of it given the whole impending destruction of the Earth situation.

In a bit of unexpected news, one of the generals from the Dynasty, General Ivanov, indicated that he still had a functional algorithm from NEO lying around. Specifically, it was the bit of code he used to hack into GOLAN's operating frequency. It won't be able to take control of units like NEO could, but as it is decryption code, it might be able to uncover what exactly is in those Project Icarus files. Now that the science behind the teleporter works, the science team is seeing if they can use the code to decode the files. It might give us the edge we need to defeat GOLAN.

But there are bigger problems.

General Fedorov just radioed to Poland that he's been ambushed by GOLAN and is pinned down. If Fedorov is forced to retreat we'll have no protection at our flank from an attack. As Selena is still handling the gathering of the LC forces used in the American campaign and Ivanov must protect Project ESCAPE itself, it falls to me to reinforce Fedorov. Imagine that. At the end of the world a Dynasty general, under LC command, is being reinforced by a former UCS Defense Minister.

Maybe we've found a way to have peace after all. Shame we had to destroy the planet to do it.

Briefing Video: video link

Damn GOLAN and his tunnels It's absolutely insane to try using them with the Earth so unstable, but I suppose it's the only chance it has at stopping us.

Aaand we start with nothing this mission. Damn

Meanwhile, Fedorov's base is humming along quite nicely. I don't see why he needed the reinforcements...

We've got a lot of space to work with. Let's hope we don't have to use all of it.

Lava. Lava everywhere. Hope you weren't expecting any giant naval battles to finish the Trilogy off, because they ain't happenin'. In more troubling news, those Small Towers of GOLAN's are uncomfortably close to our base.

This must be Minsk There's almost nothing left of it.

Fedorov, why are you mining that side of your base? GOLAN is to the south! Are you secretly trying to kill me?


Hey, I've got the scientists working on those Project Icarus files. I'll keep you and Fedorov in the loop about what we find. Maybe the trick to deactivating GOLAN is in there?

And right off the bat Fedorov is launching an assault. Mines aside, I think I like this guy.

And he's focusing on power plants first? Be still my heart.

Yeah! Go Fedorov! Make this another ridiculously easy mission

Wow. Look how close we are to the base. If only there wasn't lava in the way we could cross...

Uh-oh. GOLAN is starting to push back.

But it appears the Dynasty Screamers are doing their job. GOLAN's units are completely confused and marching away from the battle. Whew.

10 minutes in and already Fedorov has popped the top of the base off. However, the next line looks far more serious.

Yeah... Sorry Fedorov. But that's a good first effort!

And thankfully he has enough reinforcements to stop GOLAN's attack.

Meanwhile we are still hopelessly far behind. I'm trying to build up my defenses as well as possible, although I'm not sure if it'll matter. GOLAN would have to march all the way through Fedorov's base and then come all the way down to where we are.

Once good thing though, is we can build a mining base up ahead without worrying about defense.

We'll need to move through Fedorov's base to join the fight. If we do so we'll be very far from our Supply Depot, so I'm going to build a new one to the rear of his base.

Another attack from GOLAN. Once again, Fedorov's Screamers have ruined any precise control GOLAN may have had over its units.

Aw, such a cute little mining base Make me lots of money please.

Another attack blunted. Good job Fedorov.



I have decoded the first file, a memo. Is there something you're not telling us Marcus? See attached


Memo #1 - 20 March 2147

SUBJECT: Shutdown

Defense Minister,

By now I am sure you have reviewed my data. There is something wrong with GOLAN. The output of its calculations...they simply do not make sense. We have been trying to undo the "improvements" your predecessor, Jonathan Swamp, made with his meddling, but we simply cannot determine what he did. We've corrected so many lines of code, but to no avail. The original sin cannot be found and wiped clean.

I know the war is not going well, and thoughts of turning off GOLAN are well...suicide but I beg you to reconsider. I believe only a hard reset of the system can correct the error.


I...I don't recall this. But I should...I was definitely Defense Minister...

Please continue working on these documents Ivanov. Perhaps something else will jog my memory?

While the mystery around Project Icarus swirls, I have found a solution to our problem. It's very risky, but I think we can build a bridge across the lava right here. If we can make it across quickly enough we should be able to establish a foothold and take pressure off the Dynasty.

Their attacks aren't going very well anymore...

My army is tiny, but with SHADOW tech it should be enough to maintain a foothold.

Especially if Fedorov is able to pin down any mobile units.

We're building, but those towers will cut the Mammoth to pieces.

Thank god for grenadiers!

It worked! We're across! Now to quickly reinforce our position.


Before I can even move my army, GOLAN's forces come pouring across the bridge. Shit. This is not good.

Fall back! Everyone fall back!

The combined strength of our army and Fortresses is enough to repulse the attack, thankfully. I guess I'm glad I spent all this money on defense now...

Small attacks continue throughout the night.

Some require more effort than others.

But every attack ends the same: with our victory.


Another memo. Anything this time Marcus?


Memo #2 - 27 March 2147

SUBJECT: A New Idea?

Defense Minister,

I have read your reply. I...still disagree that GOLAN is needed to win this war, but I have another idea. If a hard reboot cannot be performed due to the situation in the field, then perhaps we could do some sort of swap? Restore things from a backup in real time?

We would need only to insert some code into the startup routine. I've done the tests and I think it should work. Please advise on our next course of action.


Y...yes? I'm remembering now. Something about GOLAN being out of operational alignment. It was just a minor issue at the time, and corrected itself by the time we began our march into Alaska that winter. But I can't remember what we did...nor do I remember any conversations with this Narib person.

Dawn brings more attacks from GOLAN.

Unfortunately for us, they are far more intense than the ones last night.

Shit. There goes our first Fortress. And the second one isn't looking too long for this world either...

Hold together! You're the only defense we've got now.

The attack was repulsed, but at a very high cost. I've moved the army into place ahead of the Fortresses until we're able to rebuild them.

Shit. GOLAN is using SHADOW units again. At least I've got a Radar up and running, or we'd be cut to pieces like I've been cutting down bases. Damn you for being smart GOLAN!

Things are also a stalemate on Fedorov's end, however he's starting to run out of resources. I'm not sure how much longer he can hold out.

It's time to breakout. If we continue sitting back and letting GOLAN come to us, we'll be starved out. Our only choice is to breakout and attempt to contain him as it has contained us.

To that end, I've put together a group of SHADOW Jaguars myself. My plan is to walk them across the bridge in stealth mode and establish a beachhead. Once it's secure, I'll send the rest of the army across, also in stealth mode. This way we can establish a road block without anyone seeing us. It's not the best option but we're out of time. Fedorov is nearly exhausted and can no longer conduct offensive operations. It's this or nothing.


I don't like where these memos are going. Marcus, if you remember what happened at that meeting, now is the time to tell us! I'm beginning to question my vote at the Congress to allow you in.


Memo #3 - 10 April 2147

SUBJECT: We Have a Problem

Defense Minister,

By now I'm sure you've seen my other reports. We have lost all backups of GOLAN's code. My team swears there were no foul-ups. Which leaves us only one conclusion: GOLAN itself deleted the backups. I suppose it realized that if we restore it, it would in fact, be killing it, and not wanting to die it deleted the backups. Rather clever for a computer. Thankfully, I've heeded your advice and begun writing everything down on physical paper, a medium GOLAN can't decipher. I have...another idea. But it is quite radical and I'll need to meet with you in person to discuss it.


Hey Ivanov,

We're a bit busy getting the stuffing beat out of us by GOLAN right now. I dunno if Marcus has amnesia, or is hiding something or what, but I do know a little trick he pulled to re-direct the enemy is the only thing keeping me alive right now. And he's the only one of us two who has any hope of pushing back GOLAN. That's enough in my book for me to trust him. Lay off.

I hope this works

We encounter some random GOLAN units on our way, but nothing we can't handle.

Ugh. We were spotted by a radar unit. Thankfully we destroyed it and its escort before they could do any serious damage, but now we must be on our toes. Not only is GOLAN a master of stealth technology, it appears it has also figured out how to counter it.

It worked! We're across! Quick, send everyone else. We cannot afford to lose this foothold.

This is clever. With our units arranged like this, so long as we don't move, fire or de-cloak the enemy will just walk into us and be unable to keep moving. It's a bit game-y but I'll take it.

Oh shit! We've been spotted by grenadiers. And in worse news, they've managed to sever the bridge. Shit. I really hope my Jaguar line holds out or we're in deep shit.

Yes! It held! The Mammoth was able to repair the bridge and we can continue our journey across.

Hah! Just try to get past us now

That's...helpful I guess? But with reloads costing around 2k a pop, I don't think I'll be using them.

Hmm? What's this? Dragon bombers?

OH SHIT! They know there's a bunch of us here, but aren't sure exactly where and so are just dropping bombs willy-nilly where their units can't get through.

This AI...

We're taking massive casualties. Concentrate all firepower on those Dragons! They must be knocked out of the sky!

Fire! Fire! We can't afford any more losses!

We've managed to down the Dragons, but at a great cost. Our army is maybe half of what it was before the bombing. We need time to reinforce.


I've got the memos...and part of the project plan. What the fuck did you do Marcus?


Memo #4 - 26 April 2147

SUBJECT: Activation

Defense Minister,

Everything is set. I'm going to be deploying the virus in the morning. All I need for you to do is cut the power here, even half a second will do. It won't shut-down GOLAN but will force a reboot of the communications network. And that's when the package you created will be delivered. I'm calling it Project Icarus, after your recommendation. I have also stored a copy of the project plan you gave me during my visit here on site in the event of...unforeseen incidents. Godspeed.




If you are reading this, I have failed. You MUST cut power to GOLAN's central control hub NOW. Simply possessing this document means you are now a target. Project Icarus is our only hope for stopping GOLAN. I will outline the exact reasons for this project's existence in this document, but I beg of you, stop what you're doing now and cut the power!


The goal of this project, hereafter "Icarus", is to correct fatal flaws introduced into the code of GOLAN by former Defense Minister, Jonathan Swift. Swift's actions, while their intentions were genuine, has corrupted GOLAN and made it impossible to repair. Thanks to my collaboration with Narib El-Amin, GOLAN's current onsite project lead and chief technician, we have created a "virus" which will insert a special program into GOLAN's operating routines. This process will lie dormant within GOLAN until such a time as it is activated. To trigger the activation, GOLAN's connection the central control hub must be severed, at least temporarily.

As Narib and I have discovered, this will not, as we once assumed, shut down GOLAN completely. Swift's improvements have moved GOLAN beyond a need for a central hub. It now exists in every single unit with a chip in the United Civilized States. Destroying the hub it will only temporarily pause GOLAN, not destroy it. But it is that pause which we must use. Upon disconnect from the central control hub, GOLAN's Communications Failure Subsystem will activate and attempt to re-route through a different hub. Due to the size of GOLAN's network it will always find a node from which to draw its communications routines. While we can't control GOLAN, we can control the Communication Failure Subsystem. But only one time. Upon completion of the subroutine GOLAN would detect our code change and revert it. But one time is all we need.

We have locked the system to ensure a re-route through Mexico. Once the re-route is complete, the Subsystem will run the re-connection scripts. In there we have inserted a program, "PROJECT-ICARUS.EXE" which will activate the Project Icarus payload.




So, this means that Project Icarus is already running? But if it's running then why hasn't GOLAN stopped!?


I have no idea. All that's left is to decrypt the interview. Hold on. There's some rumbling going on here, probably another earthquake. I'll transmit it once I've verified things are secure.

While our forces were decimated by the bomber attack, we are still able to take some potshots at GOLAN's base.

A lot of potshots actually.

Some of GOLAN's units have attempted to walk through us. It uh, doesn't go well for them.

If we can take out the power plant, we'll at least not have to worry about the first line of towers spotting us and ripping us to shreds like they did to Fedorov.


Shit. Looks like there's Radar somewhere. How else could some invisible GOLAN units be firing on us? Quick destroy it!

That smouldering crater is all that's left of one of their Spider Radars. Those must be our top priority as we work our way into the base.

As night falls, the fighting grows more intense.

But we do seem to have the upper hand. GOLAN now cannot risk bombing us without destroy it's own buildings. Thank god for small miracles at least.

Another power plant down!

And GOLAN is growing desperate. It's bombing its own buildings in hopes that the blast radius will hit us. Jesus.

Keep focusing on the power plants. They're the key.

Jesus, they still have power? With this many buildings? There must be other power plants I'm not seeing.

It's just a hailstorm of plasma as far as the eye can see.

The Dragons are still attempting to target us through random bombing, but given the distance we're keeping it's just doing damage to GOLAN's buildings. Thanks for helping!

We've almost cut through the first bit of the base. Hard to believe there were dozens of Weapons Factories here just a few minutes ago.

Ah, there it is. The last power plant in the whole base. They really did tuck that away, didn't they?

Holy shit! That explosion came from a nuke! Fedorov was that you? You sly dog! Thanks for the assist!



They've been pouring through the tunnels...I didn't even know there were tunnels here! Marcus and Fedorov, I'm not sure how long I'm going to be able to hold out here. Kilija, Selena and the science team have already evacuated to a base north of the project itself. You'll probably be hearing from them soon. Thankfully they made sure to disable the teleporter before they fled, so at least GOLAN can't get off this rock, but I fear that GOLAN's going to capture it anyway. Give that machine enough time and it'll figure out how to use it. And if that happens, well it's bye-bye to us.

There's not much time left. I'm down to just a few Khrushchevs and towers. I'll be quick.


I'm sorry. I'm going to fire the last of our nuclear missiles, right at the heart of GOLAN's attack force. Which happens to be pretty much right where I'm currently standing. It probably won't stop it, but it may collapse the tunnels. I'm also sending one your way, aimed at GOLAN's base, so that you can clear out of White Russia and come back here ASAP. This is going to be the last time I talk to you, friend. But you have to do something for me. You must ensure Marcus makes it back to Poland. I finished decoding the Project Icarus interview right before the attack and...well, read it for yourself. I'm only sending a copy to you, and I'm sending it using our private code from back before we joined up with the LC, in case GOLAN can somehow listen in on this. You need to deliver this to Marcus, in person ONLY. Trust me. You'll see why when you read it.

Goodbye, friend

And Marcus,

You're going to need a method to break into GOLAN's network. You'll need a decryption program. Like the one I just gave to Fedorov...don't worry, I think you'll figure out how to use it.

Ivanov, the

Okay, hurry this up, we have to save our new friends back in Poland!

Yes! Now to just find the last of GOLAN's units...

Die you cloaked monstrosities!

These towers are all that's left.

And there we go! Now quick, back to Poland!

Yeah...GOLAN totally won't interfere with it. Yep. Despite currently being there, there will be no foul play. Riiight.

Unlike last mission, this time the ED is almost completely useless. But, to Fedorov's credit, he did manage to destroy the forward GOLAN outposts. And we would never have made our bridge with those still there.

Next time: The Final Battle.