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Earth 2150 (trilogy)

by axeil

Part 133: Epilogue

from the Journal of Marcus Gordon/GOLAN, former Defense Minister, & United Civilized States Representative to United Earth

December 13th, 2150

I have control of GOLAN. Or I suppose more accurately, I am GOLAN now.

And now that I am...I understand everything. I understand what happened with GOLAN. Why it perused us so relentlessly. How it always knew exactly where to strike.

GOLAN never was acting on its own. GOLAN had instructions. Instructions that told it to do everything possible to keep us on Earth.

These instructions were sent from the President of the United Civilized States, co-signed by the Czar of the Eurasian Dynasty...

And the Celestial Council of the Lunar Corporation.

We were never meant to escape. This all was a ploy. Fedorov's betrayal, Selena and Kilija's project, GOLAN. All of it! Just an elaborate game to keep us on the planet!

They sought to have us fight among ourselves with Project ESCAPE as the prize, the winner thinking they had won salvation for themselves. But not knowing that the prize was never intended to work.

Yes that's right. Project ESCAPE was never meant to work. It was all a ploy from those that left us behind. Of course what they didn't count on was us uniting. And another AI usurping GOLAN and taking from it, the last bit of knowledge needed to make the teleporter work. They figured our history of animosity and hatred combined with our impending doom would have us fight each other to the end like rabid animals. They did not foresee that the apocalypse would give us strength. The strength to resist their plan.

I do not know why our people betrayed us and set up this...this charade for us to all act out.

But I do know one thing. United Earth is going to leave Earth...and we are going to make them pay for what they did to us. You can count on that!

Briefing Video: video link

And that's the end of the LP! Thank you so much everyone for reading along for these 3+ years. I hope you enjoyed it and my attempt to flesh out the story a bit more in the later chapters. Without people reading and commenting on this, I never would've had the will to see it all the way through, so thank you.