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Part 19: Peru

After the UCS stabbed us in the back we're on our own for resource gathering. This means we can finally go in and take resources in UCS territory. In fact, the entire endgame takes place in South America. Or rather, what's left of South America.

I'm glad the writers started writing again. Alia seems a bit naive though. Backstabbings and hushed muffled plots will always be a thing in human politics. Plus, we seem to have the best army now and we're winning the war so I don't think that says much about might makes right dying out.

Our base is just a Main Base, LZ and power plants. Thankfully the game gives us some scouts to send out to die find untold riches for us.

And find untold riches the scouts do. Well even though the scout in this case was Fang. That's a shitload of resources for our spaceship. We must secure it immediately.

We really need to secure it because we only have 67,000 CR at our initial landing zone. The endgame missions are setup so you'll constantly be fighting over a large resource field that all three factions can reach. It's critical to find it before the UCS or ED get business going there or you might not have enough credits to complete the mission objectives. 100,000 CR is a ridiculous amount.

A scout has found the UCS base. They don't look like they have that much in resources so we need to have our mining base ready to go in just a few minutes before the UCS is there.

This is the final piece of LC research we'll be seeing in Earth 2150. They have new stuff in the sequels. The SDI Defense center will shoot down any ballistic missiles that come in range. The ED's missiles are devastating because unlike the other factions they can use a mobile launch platform for their superweapon. Oddly the ED doesn't have an SDI Defense center so ED on ED matchups can get ugly.

Speaking of the ED, our other scout has found their base, however she dies before we can get a good look at their resource situation. I'm going to assume it's just as bad as the UCS's

Our defenses are not ready for this UCS attack, but thankfully I moved the LC army up before I started building the mines. It might only be a Tiger, Spider and Panther but without defenders the mining base has no chance.

ED Cossacks try to take out our (very exposed) power plants. Fortunately I knew they'd be vulnerable and put some towers down for defense.

A land assault is much more problematic though. The towers don't have the range to reach where these ED tanks are. We'll need an intervention.

Good thing I built those Thunderers! The Air Heavy Sonic Cannon fires at an incredibly fast rate and these tanks are done before they know what happened.

The defenses are a bit more established now, but in my haste to get things operation I forgot to put shields on the Guardians. This almost was a big blunder. Thank god for that Crater with all the electro-cannons.

Our defenses are finally ready, unfortunately the ED has figured out that I'm not actively defending my eastern wall. So they proceed to knock it down with some Khrushchevs.

Once again, the Thunderers come to the rescue! And I've now reinforced my defenses here so hopefully we won't be needing their help again.

I've switched up the AI routines to allow my units to engage a unit as soon as they appear in range. I'm worried if my laser walls fall the Harvesters will be in there, stealing resources and causing my towers to damage the mines in the crossfire.

The ED try to attack the landing zone base, but I've stationed a few units here to prevent an attack now that the air force is guarding the mining base's eastern flank. They do a splendid job.

At this point the mission settles into a rhythm. The UCS sends the occasional Harvester or Panther down to the mining base while the ED sneaks by my defenses using a narrow mountain pass. I'm sick of that, so I build up some defenses on the mountain pass.

But now the ED are taking a completely different mountain pass! Come on guys I just want to make your tanks explode

Even with 4 OTRs this mission is taking a very long time to complete. It's more of a war of attrition at this point, since these constant attacks are slowly whittling down my defenses. I didn't bother to screenshot them all since once you've seen one attack (as I've already shown you) you've pretty much seen them all.

The view range from the mountain pass is pretty impressive. Also you'd think the ED would turn around or bring a larger force after they saw all those destroyed chassis in front of the laser walls. But then you'd be expecting the ED to do something sensible.

We lose our first Moon when the UCS sends down a heavy plasma Panther. The attacks are starting to take their toll. We can probably hold out indefinitely with some rebuilding but as you can tell from my credit counter, I don't have much money to work with for repairs and rebuilding.

That's a lot of rockets. The ED did manage to knock down the first laser fence, but they can't hope to stand up to this barrage. We get one tank but the other flees.

And is still getting shot from the towers on the top of the pass. I think I deserve a pat on the back for expert tower placement, don't you?

The loss of the Moon allows me to build our first (and probably only) Crion P. Sadly she doesn't get a chance to shoot anyone this mission so I can't show off her blowing up fools in one shot.

Hey we've finished more of Catharsis! 70% complete!

And just as soon as we get the notice about the progress on Catharis we've gotten our 100,000 CR. We still have 2 missions left to get the resources we need so no sense in sticking around any longer than we need to. I order all units to pull back to the LZ.

For everyone's reference we're about 150,000 CR from completion now.

This is why the units were so important in defending the mining base. This is just one Panther tank and he's coming pretty close to destroying our Guardian.

The Panther and the Guardian both end up destroying each other. I've never seen that happen before, I'm kind of impressed.

Things are a bit dicier when it's an ED attack force on your doorstep though. I accelerate the evacuation since that tower is all that's keeping the ED/UCS from pouring into our landing zone base.

Fortunately we've only got to evacuate these 6 Moons and we'll have everyone back home safe.

Just in time too! The UCS is just standing back and letting their superior range destroy our towers. The mining base will be gone in just a few minutes.

182 units destroyed. The UCS needs to learn how to fight a war better. And we collected about 3 and a half times as much as the UCS and ED did. Hah! Those traitors and weird Russian fascists are going to get left behind on this dying planet.

Maybe we shouldn't leave anyone behind though. That looks miserable and it'd be pretty awful to leave people to slowly die while the atmosphere becomes toxic and lava runs over everything.

Next mission we'll be heading back to the Amazon. I doubt it looks much like it did last time though. We won't be able to blow up some bridges to keep everyone out of our base.

Was this update light on content? I wasn't sure how many of the little skirmishes I got in I should show off since they all started to blend together and these late game missions take pretty long to complete. Should I show more battles next update or keep it succinct like this update?