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Part 20: Amazon 2

Uh what is Fang doing with all that computer equipment? And why didn't he ask for blu-ray discs?

Anyway, let's mine some resources.

Damn, Earth really looks like shit now. You might even say it looks like the Moon if the Moon had lava and an atmosphere. For once we're granted units that are useful in combat so we won't be scouting to find the enemy bases.

Instead we'll send a Mercury out to scout! Since the Mercury is the cheapest civilian unit in the game and can fly it's usually a great choice to use for scouting. This one has found a giant resource pile just south of our base. We'll start building immediately, but we'll need to send some mobile defenders over.

I'm ambushed by ED forces on the way to the mining site. For the first time ever I've taken video of the encounter. Don't worry though because I took screenshots too.

These ED tanks lack shields so they're very vulnerable to my energy weapons. Thank goddess or we'd be in deep trouble. Those Moons can't take concentrated fire for very long.

The Craters catch up and with that the battle is basically over. Even the heaviest unshielded ED tank can't take much punishment from heavy electro-cannons.

Another ambush!? The Heavy Ion Cannon is a big concern because it can disable my units.

Our rocket Moons are doing a good job at damaging the ED here but they're starting to run low on ammo.

And that means a resupply and while you're being resupplied you're a sitting duck.

This poor Moon got disabled during the fight. If I was playing as the ED or UCS I'd need to use a repairer to get her operational again. Since I'm the LC, she'll slowly regain function.

Okay now this is just getting ridiculous. The UCS have one more ambush for us.

Once again, none of these units have shields so they're easy targets for our electro-cannons and sonic cannons.

An ED unit decides to join in and this one has shields!

He doesn't make it very far.

Finally after all that we're up in the mining base and have things under control. Our little disabled Moon has finally repaired herself as you can see in the upper right hand corner. But a Khrushchev has shown up! Is she going to make it to the base?

Yep! All's well. What a brave lil' Moon.

Meanwhile, back at the LZ I've constructed a laser wall to keep any unsavory robot or Russian-types out. I'm also building Guardian towers to protect the power supply.

The plateau we're mining on is so high up we can see the LZ from it.

The Thunderer bombers catch sight of a lone ED tank heading north. Being slow, they'll follow him until he stops.

And they've found quite a treasure in that Horardric Cube of yours where the ED unit stopped. Looks like the Dynasty is preparing for an assault on our LZ. We can't allow that to happen!

Good work Thunderers!

Now that we know the ED has sights on our base, I build some SDI defense centers just in case. They're not that expensive and a single nuclear missile will ruin everything we've worked to build so far.

Looks like the UCS has depleted their mines. Time to blow up a bunch of Harvesters.

I send a scout in to the ED base to determine if they've actually got the nuclear missiles I'm so worried about. It doesn't look like it. All that aggressive offense against the ED early in the game to keep them from researching is paying huge dividends here. I don't want to deal with the ED superweapons at all.

The UCS, having spotted our mining operation with their Harvesters decides it's time to try and break in.

Once again I've got video of the attack.

Good thing I decided to put the Thunderers with the mining base.

One of the Panthers notices there's an undefended spot on my wall and proceeds to destroy one of the laser pylons.

He's quickly destroyed when the rest of the army can turn to him.

I really don't like Harvesters that try and steal my resources. It's quite rude!

I also dislike Panthers that keep trying to blow up my Guardians.

And Gargoyles around harmlessly in front of my base?

This is probably our last update on Catharsis from LC News. Only 50,000 CR to go!

With mining operations nearly finished here I order the defenders at the LZ to return to base. We'll need to make another quick evacuation.

If you do the math you'll see that between the credits stored at the Space Port and the credits at HQ we have enough to win the campaign. However, I'm going to play on so you can see the end of this mission and the last mission in the LC campaign.

The UCS really, really don't like that Guardian tower.

I build another LZ and begin to evacuate the rest of our army as we're very close to the mission goal.

Is Sombra asking us out on a date? Awww. I assume we're a bit annoyed at her for the whole "We have a secret project we're not going to tell you about and also I'm not going to tell you that the UCS is a bunch of lying stinking robots who will stab us in the back."

I hope Sheela doesn't find out or the trip to Mars might be very uncomfortable.

No time for dates though we need to get off Earth before it detonates! There will be time for that on the spaceship.

Goodbye Amazon. You were a pretty interesting place. We've had 2 really memorable missions here, I'm sorry you're going to explode into pieces soon.

The score sheet is pretty similar to last mission's.

This is it. The final mission in the LC campaign. Next time we'll finish the LC campaign! To victory!