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Part 26: Stanford Lab II

Time to find out if v1.5 is less explode-y than the first one. I don't like cleaning up burnt-up robot parts.

If you notice, the mission gives us 10,000 CR. That's...suspicious.

For now let's just use it to get some rocket launchers and hope something sinister isn't going on.

That went pretty well. Of course it was the exiting that ruined everything last time.

Hooray! That seemed to go well too. Our tunnel entrance is no longer explode-y!

I think this is almost the exact same thing you told us last time DEMOKRIT III. You're not very interesting

Hold on to your butts.

Another non-exploding teleport! Good job robots you seem to have wor-

Well that's new.

And now he's shooting our power plant.

Good news for everyone who wanted to see more engineering marvels: we're going to be digging some tunnels today.

You can dig tunnels for free the same way you can alter the above-ground terrain. How you get the nice concrete and lights for free is a mystery to me though.

Our rocket launcher is done! The Tiger III looks like it has a face when you give it rockets. Isn't it so cute?

Might as well get some better launchers while we wait for the tunnels to build.

The evil Tiger has run out of bullets. This is the least threatening robot malfunction since my microwave decided it didn't like popcorn mode anymore. Why do we personally have to deal with this?

Our tunnels are cramped and crowded. If we were actually engaging in combat here I'd expand these but since we're up against one malfunctioning robot with no ammo I'm doing this cheap and quick.

We finished research on our new rocket launcher. A 50% increase in damage is pretty great for only 10,000 CR.

And we get another 10 damage soon after.

Finally our tunnels are done. The Tunnel Entrance only costs 500 to build but you need a top and bottom tunnel so it builds two simultaneously. I never quite figured out how you can build the one on the surface since they work via teleportation, but let's not look too hard into that.

Let's hope our test earlier this mission wasn't just a fluke.

It wasn't! We can now dig and have all sorts of fun underground adventures.

This is no contest.

And now the mission is over.

Yet another pointless scoresheet in a research lab mission.

So the LC find codes to a bomb and the UCS can only leave behind some robots? These robots better be amazing or I'm gonna feel ripped off.

Today's track is the 2nd Daytime theme for the UCS. It sounds sort of like a battle theme.