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Part 31: Stanford Lab III

Let's hope this works this time. Additionally, this is the last research mission in the entire Earth 2150 game. The Eurasian Dynasty doesn't get any of these missions, all their research/testing is done in the field. They're not into controlled experiments I guess.

Oh and the polar ice caps melted. Bye bye snow.

Connection established...



I'm amazed, the robot isn't shooting our power plant or exploding or doing anything else bad. I think it finally works!

Teleporting pt. 2...

More success!

Our teleporter finally works. In a nice gesture, the game gives you the tech for it for free, no research required. But we've got 5,000 CR at Stanford Lab, it'd be foolish to waste it.

So we'll finally research the Spider. The Spider is unarmored, unlike the Tiger but it makes a better support unit because it can mount shields.

It also has more HP than the Tiger does, but with the lack of armor they're about the same in terms of toughness. We'll only be adding a Spider R to our unit list. The Spider can't mount the grenade launcher and the chaingun is already at the end of its usefulness.

No credits mined, no units killed. Why do they bother giving us score screens on research missions!?

Next time we'll be getting those Grizzlies back. The mission is tricky, but if you know what you're doing it's not a problem at all. If you don't know what you're doing though you'll lose the mission before you realize you've screwed up.

I've already played this mission so I'll start working on writing the next update now so you all have something more substantial to read today.