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Part 36: Madagascar

We need to save the LC base here so we can get our hands on the shields the LC researchers here have adapted for use on our robots.

This base looks familiar...

It's the same base the LC had when we did the Madagascar mission back in the Lunar Corporation campaign. This time we'll get the advantage of our ally drawing all the attackers.

This tunnel will lead to the LC base. I hope we remembered to build the exit.

I've been talking a lot about the Heavy Plasma Cannon so I think now's a good time to finally start working on it. It's the best weapon in the game.

The brown rocky texture you see to the sides of the tunnels prevent tunnel digging. I don't think the ED will be able to find a way in for a tunneling sneak attack.

Ammo artifacts? Are we in for a surprise down here?

While we explore beneath their base, the LC have launched an early strike against the Dynasty.

Based on all those burnt out chassis I'm going to say it didn't go very well.

We've got the base model, now it's time for upgrades.

What the hell is this? I've never seen tunnels like this before. We're directly underneath the LC's research complex, so maybe this is what LC tunnels look like?

In the editor this tunnel texture is called "alien." Since the LC found out about power shields from alien ruins on the Moon I guess this makes sense.

For the first time I've got a base that exceeds the power I can generate from one Power Plant. The UCS have upgradeable power plants though! You spend a few hundred credits...

...And you get another nuclear reactor next door. Even better, these ones won't make a giant mushroom cloud when they're destroyed. I guess the robots put safety devices on these ones.

With our base built, our starting units standing around looking confused in tunnels and the LC launching futile assaults I think it's time we move up and begin our own attack.

The Eurasian Dynasty sent out some unshielded units. This is a huge mistake.

We've wiped out the first wave of mobile base defenses without taking a scratch.

That done, it's time to send in the Night Barons for tower duty.

13 missions in and they're still one of the best fighting forces around. I've never had a single group of units last this long. I don't think I've built any new Gargoyles since Japan and that was 5 updates ago.

I sent over the Mammoth to build a relay station in the LC base. Now any reinforcements we build will be able to get to the front a lot faster than walking all the way around the island.

The Lunar Corporation has finally picked up on our attack and have started sending in their own attack force on the western side of the base.

This is the last little bit of defense before we're fully inside the base.

It crumbles like uh, a thing that crumbles easily I guess? Maybe a sandcastle or one of those muffins with the crumbs on top?

Breaking news from the UCS: we've completed another phase of Project MARS.

With the defenses of the base down, the mining operation is vulnerable. Sadly, it looks like almost all the resources are gone. Even if we manage to get a few thousand credits it'll be worth it.

Uh, why isn't the Lunar Corporation using shields? Why aren't they staying away from the lasers if they really don't have any shields? Why is it that my ally's AI is always way dumber than my opponents?

We have one upgrade left on the Heavy Plasma Cannon. If you recall from the bonus update, this upgrade won't increase the damage the Plasma Cannon does. Instead, it will allow us to mount a secondary weapon.

We're already doing 400 damage, can you imagine what this thing is going to do if we put another Plasma Cannon on it?

The mining portion of the base is almost destroyed at this point.

I'm not sure what's worse: my Gargoyle not moving out of the way of an allied aircraft or the Lunar Corporation not moving their Meteor when it was getting shot by my Gargoyle!

At this point we're on base cleanup. The Madagascar mission is much simpler from the UCS side than the LC side since NEO isn't here to screw around with your units.

Thank you Lunar Corporation for helping us deal with those threatening walls

Back in useful-land, we've got three main modes of attack going on. The Night Barons are hitting the southern VPC, the Grizzlies and a few Moons are hitting the Taiga repairers and the Plasma units are hitting the northern VPC.

This is how you clean up a base LC.

These Pillboxes and WPC are all that's left.

Oh Sheela was in command? Now it all makes sense. At least we got the shield generator plans out of all this.

...And her video phone address. I, uh, don't think we'll be calling it.

UCS News has got some exclusive post-battle footage for us. Unfortunately they didn't get any shots of the LC valiantly destroying harmless concrete.

As soon as we get the message from Sheela, this new artifact appears in the tunnels.

Once we grab that, the mission is complete and we can finally research the Shield Generator.

What!? 600 PSU? That's barely anything! Damned LC, leaving the best shields for themselves.

Don't make me send my new Panther III hP after you! He does 600 damage per shot. You don't wanna mess with him, trust me.

We can use the teleporter to get home. I don't think it saves much on the trip, but at least I'm getting some use out of that relay point.

See, look how scary that guy is. You better watch out or he's going to come for you next time you do silly things in an allied mission.

As we load up the Albatross, the shield generator research finishes up. UCS News has yet another report for us this mission. I've never gotten 3 reports in one mission before. Hope they're not too inundating.

Major Wlad did not have a good time in Madagascar. Shame we couldn't have gotten in on some of those Lunar Corporation resources. We need them more than they do!

This mission seems familiar. It's also been a while since we've seen NEO. Maybe the LC managed to kill him without our help this time.

Oh god the next few missions suck. Fuck you NEO