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by axeil

Part 46: Kamchatka

We've got a hell of a situation here. The Kaminji Research Complex is under attack by the LC. They were working on finalizing the laser weapon but we don't have any backups of their work. Fortunately they were able to load a Gruz with their research, but we must ensure it escapes the research center. There's an ED outpost nearby, so we need to hurry to get these plans to safety.

The LC are already dropping buildings on our base. In a few seconds their Moons and Lunars will arrive.

We cut along the valley to the northeast of the base to avoid the arriving army but it looks like the LC has caught wind of our plan and is sending a squad to blockade the bridge. We've managed to slip past them though. The three Taiga Transporters are included to provide cover for the Gruz.

We're not so lucky on the other side of the bridge. The LC can cross the river without worrying about things like bridges so we're almost completely trapped by their ambush.

All 4 convoy members take heavy damage, and the Moons are in hot pursuit.

They've gotten one of the Taigas.

But we can see the gates of the base! I think we've made it.

We'll need to recreate the research facility. This area is much more secured than our first spot, so I think we'll be okay. Ignore what Colonel Shakt says, we can bring in the Ukraine any time we wish.

This looks like a good plan to get our base mining and researching.

Once again we only have one avenue for research, the first level of the Rocket Launcher. But rockets are great right?

No. No they are not, not when they have no homing ability.

The ore field in our base gives us about 30,000 CR to work with. Yikes. That's a fairly tough budget. I'm not sure we'll have enough to fund a full-scale attack on the LC's position.

A prototype hidden in the tunnels! These scientists are geniuses! But we'll need to get into the area around the old research base to build the tunnel entrance. This could be tricky. We'll need our best most expendable troops for this.

The prototype is actually controllable by the player. Don't let it die.

This is the northernmost point in the tunnel system. The impenetrable rock is visible surrounding the tunnel. This location probably gives us the best chance of a safe extraction.

This is the view directly above the prototype's location. It's not in the base, but the LC are definitely going to notice a Tunnel Entrance here.

We're going to need a distraction.

Go outdated and decrepit soldiers! Show them the true might of the obsolete units of the ED Army!

Our elite suicide attack squad heads out of the base. Is it cruel to send soldiers out on a mission when the point of that mission is for them to die?

Hell no! They're filthy peasants, they should feel lucky they get to die for the their Khan!

We have two new units now that the Rocket Launcher is done. Their advantages and drawbacks are tied to what chassis we pick. The Siberia has more HP and can mount shields, but the Pamir has stronger armor.

Shit. The LC's Meteor fighter has spotted us. I assume they're sounding the general alarm at the base.

Or maybe they'll just destroy our LZ? You'd think they would focus on destroying the tanks headed to their base. But then again most of the LC's commanders were picking Moon Flowers only a few months ago. They're not the best tacticians.

The LC's Moons have moved out to great our Gruz responsible for building the Tunnel Entrance. Fortunately a line of tanks await them and our 105mm cannons beat their 20mm guns.

The Gruz has done his job: build the Tunnel Entrance and take some shots while the rest of the attack force shows up.

The Tunnel Entrance is complete. Quick, get out of here prototype!

I move the rest of the suicide squad into the LC's base to do as much damage and keep them from noticing the escape of a single unit.

It looks like it's worked so far.

And while we're here let's cripple their economy.

3 Mines destroyed by an attack force designed only to die? That's some hard fighting.

It looks like no one has followed the prototype out. Thank god.

Hurrah, hurrah! We still need to research the Laser Cannon in the Research window but we can use the prototype as much as we want. Unfortunately we don't unlock the actual research until next mission.

Here's our new rocket unit.

The prototype will be headed back to HQ for testing.

This looks like an acceptable unit to "test" the laser on. Results of the test are highly classified though. But I will say the Pamir driver was a bit, "heated" after the test.

Hah! Silly LC, the prototype is already gone. You can't have it.

But you can sneak into the back of our base via the ocean. Dammit.

Things that do not work well: unguided rockets against aerial units that move a lot.

The LC have destroyed our Landing Zone. Fortunately all resources are mined out, but we can only take 10 units home with us.

Things that do work well: unguided rockets against aerial units that stand still and let you shoot them.

As we begin the evacuation the LC arrive again, this time with Electro-Cannon Moons. Yikes. Glad we're pulling out.

Once again we lost on score. But the Laser Cannon is so close I can almost taste it.

Yesss. Field testing.

This is the second day track for the ED. Sounds kind of similar to the first if you ask me.