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Part 47: Leviathan

Hey everyone, sorry for the long delay. Between getting sick, Heart of the Swarm, work stuff and visiting family I've been totally swamped.

Now let's check out Leviathan.

Thanks to our rescue of the laser prototype last mission we've managed to produce a second laser prototype. ED scientists now believe it's ready for production, we just need to do some field testing.

The second prototype is actually identical to the first. I think the developers could've just had you use the unit from last mission but I'm not complaining about a second free laser unit.

This doesn't seem like much of a field test, no one is shooting back at us. And as we all know the laser kills the UCS robots almost instantly.

Aw man. The LC really, really want this laser tech for themselves.

Let's hope they like their steaks well done

Once the test is completed the game gives you control of the little research base you start in. Unfortunately there are no resources in this base so you'll need to take out the LC on a budget.

The Laser Cannon is ready for research. However I won't complete work on it until after I've cleared out the LC. I don't want them getting their hands on fully researched and operational tech!

Of course, there's no system for tech stealing in this game so if I really wanted to I could research the lasers now.

We'll be doing base defenses on the cheap today. The only thing this base needs is a wall around the rear. If you recall in the LC's version of this mission I was able to sneak into the ED base by exploiting their lack of a full wall.

The Laser Cannon is doing a fantastic job in combat. These LC units barely scratch the Siberia.

However these LC units are able to put quite a few scratches on our LZ. So many scratches that it blows up.

But they can't resist our tanks' 105mm cannons.

I send one of our old outdated units to scout the LC base. Looks like they've got resources. We'll need to strike quickly to appropriate them for our space ship/laser research.

We encounter almost no resistance when moving out until we arrive at the LC's doorstep. The Meteors could be a problem; I haven't brought many anti-air units.

Instead we'll take the second entrance to the base. This one is probably much safer.

Yep, I was right. 2 Moons are way easier to kill with a bunch of Pamirs than a single Meteor. Also the LC are really bad at base planning. You shouldn't put your Solar Power Plant right at your entrance. Has General Fang taught them nothing!?

I'm going to go with "Nope, they have not learned a damn thing." I've only destroyed the 2 buildings closet to the entrance and the LC have no power. Stunning.

With the last Moon dead all we have to worry about now are those damned Meteors.

And the LC trying to drop in new Solar Power Plants. Fortunately the 20mm chaingun Siberias have arrived so all that's left to do now is mop up.

I didn't smell any burning flesh, nor would I want to smell it. You're kind of scary Colonel Shakt.

The last LC rebuild attempt has failed and I've set up a nice little mining base.

Oh and ED scientists have finalized some sort of Laser Cannon. Who knows what that thing is.

Here's our first laser unit in the Construction Center. I love it.

Let's upgrade it to version 3.

Very nice. Double the damage for only 20,000 credits. This Siberia can probably destroy an unshielded unit in one burst.

And we'll be sending about 40,000 CR back to base. I'd say this was quite a successful mission.

I'm losing touch on my Russian army tactics. We only lost 5 units. I clearly need to throw in more peasants. The LC are bad at fighting wars but no one is that bad.

rest of Briefing posted:

Your orders are to construct a base and send us as much raw material as possible.

Alaska is interesting. It'll be yet another resource collection mission, but this time we need to send 100,000 CR. For the early game that's a ton of credits.

Today's musical selection is the second night theme for the ED.