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Part 52: Bonus Update - Eurasian Dynasty Details

Sorry about the two week delay between updates. I'm moving soon so I didn't have time to update last weekend.

Hope the bonus update makes it a little better The real update for this week is coming after this.

So just like every other faction, the Eurasian Dynasty also has all their stats in the Prima guide. The structure list is nearly the same as the UCS, the only main difference is the Pillbox, which the UCS obviously does not have. The ED Light Tower also has an extra 10,000 points of energy resistance but that shouldn't make much of a difference since energy resistance is pretty worthless for buildings.

What the ED lack in excitement in their structure list, they make up for in their unit list. Look at all those tanks and helicopters! The ED has the largest assortment of chassis in the game and almost all of them have a good use. We've yet to see the Leviathan, Khrushchev, Ural, Han, Thor OR Volga. Oh, we also can officially see NEO's stats now. His modified Caspian isn't all that much, only an additional 150 HP, light armor and slightly more energy/disable resistance. Good thing he has a robot army with him.

The Cannon is actually inferior to the UCS Grenade Launcher. That's pretty surprising, since the cannon is far more effective in combat. The Heavy Ion Cannon does the most damage in one shot of any single non-Crion weapon in the game. Too bad it can only disable units and not kill them outright.

We'll need to invest in Ballistic Rockets to get the ED superweapon, similar to how we had to invest in Plasma tech for the UCS Plasma cannon. Oh and we don't need to research the center, it comes automatically with the nuclear ballistic missile.

Sadly, we also need to max out our rocket tech to get to the ballistic rockets. But trust me, you want to do that because the ED can mount mobile missile launchers as soon as they have the ballistic rocket launcher tech. It is exactly as awesome as it sounds.

The ED chassis tree is heavily dependent on researching earlier models. Note the dependency between the Ural and Khrushchev, the Leviathan and Irkutsk and all of the different helicopters (Cossack, Grozny, Thor and Han).

The ED Special Tech Tree is almost as barren as the LC one. The only unique bit is the Screamer, which can be used to defeat the cloaks on UCS units.

And finally we have the mission tree. As you can see, even though we're about halfway down the mission tree we've still got over half the missions remaining. Oddly the tree lists Amazon N (the last mission we saw) as a dependency of Great Lakes, when it's actually dependency of Canada.