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Part 55: Indonesia

Uh I don't know what kind of map you're using Major Minsk but Indonesia is definitely not what I'd call "The North."

The plateau you start on is not very large so we'll have a very compact main base around the LZ.

I question the overzealous push for resources. We're 280,000 credits ahead of schedule. Why are we still doing mining missions!? Perhaps I should start redirecting some of these resources to our war efforts. I'm sure no one would notice...

There's an LC base right on our doorstep. And it has almost no defenses around it's Solar Power Plant. Let's kill them!

Okay so they had two power plants but I don't think either one was very well-defended. But then this isn't the primary LC commander. Probably some rookie who doesn't know anything about base setup.

UCS Gargoyles are harassing the base. Looks like we've got all three factions present on this map.

And the UCS still has plasma. I hate plasma.

Sorry about destroying your base, rookie. The pencil pushers in Moscow said we need another 100,000 credits.

Looks like there's another credit field to the west that doesn't have an entire base on top of it. Guess we should've gone there first. Whoops!

Well it does seem to have a lot of Harvesters blindly running to it. I hope this doesn't mean the UCS will counter-attack.

Shit. Where's the army!?

Oh there they are. But most of them can't shoot air units. That's...bad.

Fortunately our losses aren't as severe as you'd expect thanks to the air force coming over to help. Thanks air force!

The UCS has Panthers now. Just that one Panther was enough to level a Mine. We are outclassed technologically now by both factions. Our only solace is that the UCS doesn't have shields. So a well placed laser hit will still destroy this Panther.

The LC are much more worrying. They too have a heavy unit. With shields. And they're heading for our base. Quick everyone! Fall back to defend the LZ!

Good work. We're definitely on our heels this mission. The UCS and LC are hitting us almost without rest. And our army is dying faster than we can replace the causalities. Who would've thought Indonesia would be the site of our first real combat test in weeks?

I manage to get two Large Towers up and operational during a lull in battle. It's not much but it'll help a bit during the next wave of attacks.

This single puny Caspian L is destroying all the Panthers the UCS sends to attack the second mining base. Why don't they target the Caspian before the base? One Panther R with a plasma attachment should be able to destroy a Caspian.

The LC are starting to run out of resources and are dropping mines on our first mining base. They're probably going to make a major push soon.

But we've got reinforcements coming from HQ! Woohoo!

Even though it feels like a lot of time has passed, we're only halfway through this mission. Indonesia is a very challenging mission.

Gargoyle harassment has been mostly neutralized. However the UCS is now sending Panthers to attack the first mining base as well as the second. Ugh.

This is made even more annoying when they time their attacks along with the LC Craters. Since I'm pretty sure the LC are out of resources perhaps we can strike at their base and end one of the threats to our mining operation?

Uhhh...yeah. I don't think that's going to work. It's not very well-defended but we're still barely are hanging on to our positions. Had there been no units around I might've given it a shot. In the current scenario it's crazy to try.

And now the UCS are trying to steal from the mining base too. The major push has to be coming. Otherwise the LC and UCS will starve.

Yep. That's definitely it. A lot of Panthers and Craters and my tanks are getting annihilated out there.

We manage to repel the attack. Unfortunately our army has taken catastrophic casualties; we only have 5 offensive ground units left and one Grozny in the air.

We need to invest in rebuilding.

And HQ seems to have gotten an influx of credits from some mysterious source. I wasn't around HQ at the time but my lieutenants say that we have lots of resources and to ignore the fact the Spaceport is empty.

So with this new financing, let's build a second Weapons Production Center to speed up the rebuild of our army.

I think I should have a lot of laser units. I don't know why, but I have this weird sense that the next mission might require a lot of lasers.

Yes the Spaceport

I hope the Czar doesn't find out we stole credits. He's a very angry man.

Our army is rebuilt. Looks pretty formidable now.

We can't hope to hold the mining bases without the army present so sadly we must leave about 36,000 credits behind.

177 units killed. They must've really wanted those minerals.

Next time: We find out if aliens and their ridiculously-overpowered-for-this-game UFOs exist in Area 51.