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Part 61: Mozambique

Hello again everyone! Apologies for the long hiatus, real life got in the way. Even though we're in the end of summer here, in 2150 things are about to get really, really warm. The ED Weather Report has more:

As I mentioned earlier, the ED are now allied with the Ashanti due to the UCS incursion into Africa. The alliance is still in its infancy and these fresh supplies from the Dynasty will be critical in cementing our friendship. Failure here may unwind the hard work of our diplomats.

As we start out, we can see that the convoy is not very well-protected. It's made up of defenseless trucks and the only thing we have in Africa at this time are a bunch of outdated Pamirs. We'll need to solve that issue if we're to defend this convoy.

While we wait for the Ukraine to show up, we can research upgrades to the 120mm bullet used in the Heavy Cannon.

The Pamirs will, like all outdated units, work for us as scouts and bait. It is critical they divert any UCS fire from our convoy.

We have made contact with the enemy. It was only a single Spider and was easily destroyed by the Ashanti escort, however our location has been revealed. Raids will now begin in earnest and we must hope we can hold out until a detachment from HQ arrives.

As predicted, an true attack immediately follows. Our Pamirs are doing an okay job holding them off though.

And with the arrival of the UFO the battle immediately ends in our favor. Hooray UFO!

The convoy will need to travel underground to get out of this ravine. We can't scout the tunnels, so we'll have to hope they're clear. I'll send the air force ahead to secure the exit point though.

The tunnels look clear, and there's no resistance at the exit. One less thing to worry about.

The second 120mm bullet upgrade.

Even though the exit from the tunnel is clear, a UCS force is trying to flank our position. The Pamirs I left behind to guard the tunnel entrance intercept them though.


I don't think the trucks can make it across that...

Quick, bring up the Gruz!

This is the perfect time for a UCS ambush, so the Groznys will provide air cover while the Gruz reconstructs the bridge.

The final 120mm bullet upgrade.

Fortunately for us the attack doesn't come and the Gruz is able to complete the construction in peace. With the bridge rebuilt, the convoy can proceed to the base.

The destroyed bridge was very close to the Ashanti base so I struggle to believe the UCS destroyed that bridge. Did they destroy the bridge themselves to keep the UCS away?

Hooray! The convoy has made it to the base. Now we can head hom...destroy the UCS bases in the area? Well alright then!

Also the Consul General is very uncreative with his name-calling.

At least we're given full control of the Ashanti base. This will make things much easier.

I don't believe I've shown off this structure yet. This is the ED Radar and its used to detect units at range. It's not all that great initially however...

Every upgrade you research to the Screamer/Noise Generator will not only give you the ability to paralyze units, it will also upgrade the Radar and allow it to detect cloaked UCS units.

I'm not sure if the AI will actually use Shadow Generators against you, but to be safe I'm researching the upgrades.

After taking control of the Ashanti base, the UCS almost immediately destroy our initial LZ. Why weren't these Gargoyles off hunting the convoy? It would've made the mission much more challenging if I had to deal with Gargoyle harassment the whole time.

With the need for protecting the tunnels made moot, I send the Pamirs off to find the UCS base. They run into some Tiger Ps, so I assume they're getting close.

Damn! That looks to be a pretty well-defended base. It's not going to be as hard to crack as the defensive positions in Panama, but I won't be able to send in just the UFO.

Give the Ashanti credit, they've got a very robust air defense system set up. Probably because they were dealing with UCS air attacks since the bridge made it impossible for the UCS to conduct a ground assault.

A group of Tigers destroy the tunnels. We don't need them anymore so I don't really care.

Unsatisfied with destroying only tunnels, the Tigers attempt to penetrate the Ashanti base.

It goes poorly for them.

Similar to the UCS's Shadow Generator, the ED can mount the Noise Generator on its Taigas. If you recall, they were used to great effectiveness against me at the conclusion of the LC campaign. Now that I have this tech, it's finally time to turn the tables.

And I get busy researching the next Screamer upgrade.

Following another pathetic UCS assault, I decide it's time to move the Ashanti/ED force out to destroy the enemy base. Let's hope they can punch through the Fortresses.

We run into a bit of a traffic jam on the reconstructed bridge. The pathfinding can get a bit wonky when you're forcing units to make a single file.

By the time we reach the plateau near the base, the UCS have finally brought out the heavy weaponry. This Panther has enough firepower to stop our scouts.

I don't like my scouts stopping, so I'll respond with the entire army. The UCS have brought in a Panther G to reinforce, but it won't be enough.

The outer skirmishers swept away, its now time for the main assault.

The Ashanti units have the "honor" of being the first wave.

They're actually doing quite well so far! They've not been completely annihilated and managed to cut the power to one of the Fortresses.

Unfortunately for them, that doesn't do much to stop the Gargoyles. Since the Ashanti units have no anti-air defenses they're easily picked apart. It is only the arrival of the second line, containing the bulk of the ED army that saves the few remaining Ashanti units.

By the time we reach the interior of the base, the fighting is at a fevered pitch. You can see two Power Plants here, with a third off to the south. Guess what we do to their Power Plants?




Down. With no power the only thing left is mop-up.

We've destroyed the UCS base in the area. With the pressure relieved on the Ashanti in Mozambique I believe our alliance is secure.


Most of the casualties suffered were the Ashanti units. However, we still have a much smaller army than we did at the start of this mission.

With Africa stabilized (for now), we need to continue striking against other UCS outposts. This one in Red Rock, Australia has been raiding our convoys from Asia. Some of those supplies are going towards our new allies in Africa. Destroying it will help keep the munitions flowing and our Ashanti friends happy.