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Part 63: New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand. The situation here is rapidly deteriorating and requires more skilled leadership. It was wise of us to stick around after cleaning up Australia. The UCS has managed to consolidate most of its Pacific fleet here in New Zealand and if they are able to push us back to Australia could re-establish control over the South Pacific.

Our goal this mission is to sink the UCS Pacific Fleet and destroy the UCS Naval Base in the region. With the fleet sunk and the last holdout in the South Pacific obliterated the UCS will no longer pose any threat in the Pacific.

This will not be an easy task, so let's hop into the action.

The ED base here is a mere refuel and resupply depot. It has no hope of holding out against the UCS.

The UCS is already upon is right from the mission start. Their intent is to clear out the two vessels in the area as a precursor to a full-on invasion.

We cannot allow them this first foothold. Two nearby Cossack 20mm copters are scrambled to assist the navy.

The Cossacks arrived in the nick of time. One ship was sunk, however the other still floats. Sadly, it is too badly damaged to be of any use to us and so it shall be scuttled.

Naval units cannot be repaired as there is no way to mount Repairers on boats. Keeping the ship around would prevent us from building more effective units.

Our earlier research into the Leviathan-class battleship will pay off now. I've constructed two models here, one focusing on long-range damage and bombardment while the other focused on anti-ship weaponry. The first ships will be used to bombard the coast while the second can engage the UCS navy head-on.

While forcelimits have increased, the cost of these new battleships is far beyond the cost of any unit we've built so far. Thus, old units must be "recycled." The death of these tanks pilots will be remembered as a great sacrifice for the glory of our Khan.


Early scouting of the UCS base indicates a level of fortification never before seen. However, the UCS navy is nowhere to be found. I know they're out there somewhere though. They might be stationed close to port rather than out to sea.

With the forcelimits cleared up for our navy I begin construction of our first battleship, the Leviathan-class cruiser Goliath. The Goliath will use the second Leviathan-class configuration and focus on clearing out the enemy naval screen.

Currently our harbor has two entry points. I would like to keep our flank unexposed while simultaneously constructing a forward supply area. I order the Gruz to construct a bridge. This will enclose the harbor's western flank while also allowing the Gruz to construct the needed forward supply depot.

Land forces are useless in this mission. However, our new Thor hR should prove helpful in establishing air superiority in conjunction with our already existing Groznys.

The Goliath has put to sea. Isn't she a beauty?

I've also constructed an additional 2 Seaports. These will build 2 more Leviathan-class battleships, the Leviathan and the Juggernaut. These will be configured for shore bombardment and will help punch a hole in the defenses that the UFO and our air force can use to bring the base down.

The attack force is ready. From left to right we have:

-The Leviathan
-Two Irkutsk-class support ships, one configured with a 20mm gun and the other with a mobile Noise Generator
-The Goliath
-Two additional Irkutsk-class support ships, in the same configuration as the others
-The Juggernaut
-Four Grozny R helicopters
-Two Thor hR helicopters
-The UFO

Our forward resupply base is ready. We have the go-ahead to move into UCS waters and destroy the UCS fleet. The UFO will act as a scout and attempt to draw any UCS ships away from coastal defenses, allowing the Goliath and air force to engage unmolested by Fortresses or Large Towers. The supporting Irkutsk-class ships will use their Noise Generators to jam transmissions with the UCS mainframe, holding the fleet in place and ensuring their destruction.

The UFO has found the fleet. Let's see if he can draw the two large battleships out into the open sea.

The trick appears to have worked, two UCS ships are already immobilized by the Noise Generators and the air force is quickly filling a small Shark-class boat with holes.

Unfortunately the UCS fleet has retreated back to their harbor to protect one of the disabled Hydra-class cruisers. But given our advantage I order the ED fleet to pursue. We are moving into very hostile waters. This could bite us in the ass, but the destruction of the disabled ship will all but end the battle.

Success! Another UCS ship lines the ocean floor. The final Hydra-class has no chance against our entire navy. Once it is destroyed we will raze the shipyards and the three Leviathan-class ships will begin bombarding the shoreline.

Look how far out the Leviathan and Juggernaut are. The long range Heavy Rocket Launcher that you can mount on your capital ships has an unbelievable range. It's a real shame there are only one or two missions in the game that really let you go to town with your navy. It's incredibly fun pounding the enemy from beyond his own targeting range.

The UFO makes a quick strike against the port's lone Power Plant. The network of Energy Transmitters still exist, but with the destruction of this Power Plant and the subsequent bombardment and destruction of the remaining Shipyard, it is unlikely the UCS will be able to re-build their docks and put another navy out to sea.

Our first objective has been completed. We now just need to clear the island of any UCS defenses.

The Leviathan-class ships begin circling the island, bombarding the coastal defenses. Since the guns of the Leviathan and Juggernaut out-range the structures there is no risk. The Goliath runs a slight risk of taking damage as its Heavy Cannon has a shorter operational range, but with the UFO hitting Power Plants from the real there is no true danger.

The defenses on the west side of the island have been powered down. They are completely helpless against the bombardment.

The UCS resource collection area was initially quite well-guarded, but with no power and the battleships spitting hellfire at them they too fall quickly.

With the anti-air defenses mostly neutralized, the air force joins in on the fun.

The eastern side of the island falls just as quickly as the west did.

With the destruction of this Power Plant the entire island is defenseless. Now to clean up the remnants.

Concentrated fire from the navy, air force and UFO bring down the few remaining Large Towers. However, we still need to check the small outlying isles for any UCS presence.

We encounter no resistance as it appears the isles were unfortified and only used as a ferrying point for UCS Harvesters. I guess the UCS doesn't have the flying Harvester tech yet.

Uh, Lt. General Shakt, I already did take out the robots, what are you talking about?

I return the fleet to port. We now have complete control of the Pacific, and amazingly didn't lose a single ship during the entire engagement.

Our losses were primarily helicopters that were shot down in the initial bombardment of the coastline. Oh and those units I had to sacrifice at the start of the mission.

rest of briefing posted:

Our best chance of breaking this stranglehold is in Egypt. Destroy all UCS forces.

While we were off in the South Pacific, the UCS have managed to establish control of the Nile River and Egypt. We need access to North Africa to get to West Africa as we still have not managed to cripple the UCS Atlantic Fleet. Our only option is to move through North Africa via Egypt, but there is a large UCS base blocking our way. It will need to be eliminated.