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Part 69: Columbia

Our advance into South America has been halted. A defector named Alvarez has ratted our position out to the UCS commander and we've lost many of the footholds we've gained. Alvarez allegedly also leaked other sensitive information to the UCS although at this time we cannot be sure about what he knew. The UCS know we need to retake our mining positions in Colombia and their radars are pointed at the sky. Any use of transports here will surely provoke their response.

We've upped our bribes of the locals and found one willing to lead us to the area's mineral deposits. He is to be kept under strict guard, we cannot allow any more people to turn to the robots. ED High Command does not want another disaster here and so have asked that I personally take care of this mission. As a loyal officer I of course agreed.

We start at the landing site, right next to our Colombian guide. The LZ is not activated and we have no money so the Gruz can't do anything but follow the guide.

After a few minutes the guide has lead us to a tunnel system. I guess we'll need to go under the UCS bases here.

In we go...

The tunnels look clear but this could all just be a trap. These are all the tunnel type the UCS uses. I'm on my guard.

Looks like it wasn't a trap. And now we're high up in the mountains.

Below us, we can see some ancient Incan ruins. I can't help shaking that something is off about this mission. No LZ? Following a guide? This all doesn't make sense.

Alvarez was in charge of South American procurement and had access to some classified information. Could he have known about the falsified reports? Could this all be a set-up?

High Command still doesn't know about our theft of the nuclear launch codes. It's time we bought our insurance policy.

I give the order to HQ to secretly begin construction of a missile base.

The Gruz and guide are now moving through the ruins like nothing is wrong. No one can know about the activity at HQ.

The Missile Control Center is online. Now we need the missiles.

These would be gorgeous views if the planet wasn't, ya know, a toxic, molten dump at this point.

Our first missile silo is online. We have some insurance now.

More Incan ruins. This is very calm and scenic. Rather strange for the last ED mission.

We've reached the end of the mountains. Looks like we'll be heading back down into the tunnels again.

These tunnels are much older, they look like old mining tunnels. They don't exactly look too stable though.

The final missile silo is complete. All four missiles are armed and ready. I've staffed the Missile Control Center with my most loyal lieutenants. If I give an order to fire they will not hesitate.

There's a narrow corridor here with an old train track running through it. I'm guessing the resource field is on the other side.

Looks like I was right. Immediately after exiting the older tunnels we're at the exit.

I can see the deposits. We made it! And no one tried to stab us in the back! Hooray, mission comp-what's this we're getting?

Really? Really? You're gonna make me mine for resources? This is unbelievable.

Well let's get to it I suppose.

The base is well...pretty much like every other base. This whole thing still feels wrong though.

In case any UCS decide to come exploring I've put up a wall.

And towers.

Lots of towers.

Towers everywhere.

ED News is reporting the last of the evacuation ships are completed. Now we just need to finish them up. Ya know, fill food and staff them and what not. I guess that's this Operation: Ark the video talks about.

We are only 100,000 CR away from our goal now.

I've filled the valley with defense towers and even included an HQ here.

The guide has done his duty. We cannot afford another defection.


From Neo deus ex machina
To: Savoir of the Eurasian Dynasty, General Axeil
Subject: Saviors ain't what they used to be

Hey there Mr. Savoir! I really appreciate you keeping me around the base and for getting me a ticket off this rock.

But you may want to take a little listen to this.



Inquiry No. EXO-0132 Resolution

Great and Glorious Khan,

It is now clear to us that your son, Savior of the Eurasian Dynasty, General Axeil did knowingly conspire to steal resources away from Space Station Salut and used them to enrich himself. We have seen the doctored finance reports and while other Dynasty Generals are also under suspicion we suspect General Axeil to be the primary perpetrator.

We know you would typically recommend immediate execution. However, given the imminent destruction of the planet it may be more preferable to leave him here to die.

Your humble servants,

Igor Burkov, Director of Administration for Research and Development
Major Minsk, Supply Administration - Dept of Procurement

Looks like being a savior and getting all those fancy medals isn't so much these days. So you were skimming off the top, eh? Hey, looks to me like you're still gonna finish on time. I don't really care. I know they'll have problems letting me on to your ship even though you promised me a spot. It doesn't look like you're going to be bringing all your fancy gear either ol' pal.

So how about this instead:

Why don't we make them take us with them. I saw what you built. You know how to use it. Just let me do my magic first.

Neo End,

>>> Thus spoke Zarathustra: A nation is the most evil of evils. <<<

We're screwed. All this and we're going to be left behind. Well fuck that. NEO is right.

NEO, get in position. Let's do this.

NEO has set himself up right beneath the Space Port. He assures me the codes aren't too complicated but we'll need time.

Thanks Igor you little back-stabber.

And Minsk, I hope you enjoy what NEO and I are planning for you.

This is the final shipment Space Station Salut needs. It has all the food and perishable supplies they'll need.

It'd be a shame if something happened to it.

The final real ED mission is just as boring as it looked. So long as you don't call the Ukraine nothing will happen.

If you do call you the Ukraine you'll have the entire UCS army up your ass in about 2 minutes. Don't call the Ukraine.


From: Neo deus ex machina
To: Savoir of the Eurasian Dynasty, General Axeil
Subject: Hit it!

I've got 'em baby. Say the word and the Space Port goes dark. That old Khan'll never knew what hit 'em.

Neo End

Do it NEO. Make them pay.

The Space Port is shut down, with the final shipment on the launch pad.



Inquiry No. EXO-0132 Fuck You

Great and Glorious Khan,

See that? See what we did. I know you know I stole the credits. But hey, I still finished the ships. You see those missile silos? Yeah. They work. I stole the launch codes. I am the "Savior of the Eurasian Dynasty" after all.

I just never thought I'd be saving the Dynasty from my own father.

So here's what's going to happen. You're going to step down. Resign. Whatever. And in exchange, I won't destroy the Spaceport. You have 3.5 hours.


General Axeil, Son of Khan Vladimir II and the Savior of the Eurasian Dynasty

Right at the deadline I get this message from the Khan. It makes no sense to me.

There's an attachment at the bottom of the message

attachment posted:

P.S. We've already left.

"A celebration in true ED fashion." Well we are all about to die, so that fits pretty much every ED celebration I've ever seen. It's not a real ED party unless someone dies.

To make sure, I ask NEO and he confirms the message. The space ships around Space Station Salut are already preparing to disembark as we speak. My ship is no where to be seen.

Fuck this. Fire them. Fire all of them. If we're still on the ground, we're dead.

Maybe if I destroy the food I can at least delay them a bit. NEO says they're trying to take on food from other sources, but shit they probably have a battalion heading here now to try and save the food. If I can deny them that, then at least I can die happy...

The alarm bells are ringing all over the base. The Space Port has been heavily damaged by a nuclear explosion. I don't care. Of course I don't care, I launched the damn things.

I pen a message to all my sub-commanders informing them of the Khan's treachery and urging them to use whatever means possible to stop the final launch of the ships. The Khan must be stopped. He must be killed.

I walk out to the Space Port and take a last look. The entire base is in chaos, everyone is running around trying to douse the flames and repair the damage. I look skyward, and I see our fate. This story will end, just as it started, with nuclear flame raining down upon the Earth.

May God forgive me.

That's it for Earth 2150! I hope you all enjoyed it! Before we move on to the next game, I'd like to thank everyone who's stuck with this LP since I started it. There's been a lot of updates and I'm glad I was able to share this game with you. We still have 2 games to go, but I figure if you've made it this far you're in for the long haul. Thanks for sticking with it.

I also hope my attempts to spice up the ED ending in this update is okay. The message you get from the Khan is the real campaign success mission you get and the video is the real ED campaign success video. I hope this helps tie the plot of Earth 2150 into The Moon Project and Lost Souls a bit better than the game did itself.

It looks like the UCS won the vote pretty clearly so we'll go back to the robots.

Our next update will be coming straight...from the Moon!

(Or well the next update after this next one. The first UCS mission takes place on Earth)