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Part 77: Gamma Quadrant

Happy one year anniversary everyone! I started this thread about a year ago. Thanks everyone for all your comments and interest in this. Now, on to Gamma Quadrant!

Damn it, we should've realized something was up when the power readings from Sunlight didn't change. The power stations we've been destroying are actually all redundant. To shutdown Sunlight we'll need to destroy the Xyrex power stations in every sector. Taking a few out won't do it.

The Moon Project does the nicest thing I can imagine and gives us another two Grizzly units. Assault 1 and Assault 2 are already a walking battalion, now we're even stronger. Plus, the starting units are all Panthers or Tiger Ps, much more useful than the typical Tiger 20mm.

Our base is operational. It's another simple setup. Seems very cozy though.

Before we head out, I have the Spider Repairer fix up the Panthers and Grizzlies. Free high-value units are a treasure, we should make sure they have shields and upgraded armor.

Research: Upgraded heavy rocket launchers and the fortress.

There are two ore fields in our area. And they're both huge. That's usually a...bad sign. How many LC bases are we going to go up against this time?

If they're throwing hundreds of thousands of credits at us, this might be a very long engagement. I order the Mammoth to start building a roadblock and the associated defenses at the only exit out of our crater.

Two heavy towers and a fortress. Plus redundant power systems. This should keep the LC out.

Our attack force has found the first hints of LC infestation, a number of units and a tower in the winding valleys heading out of our base.

We've plowed the way, only to find even greater LC resistance. And another one of those irradiation fields. We're pinned in a valley and the LC have air superiority and a wider field to work on. We must breakout or we'll be cannon fodder.

When I said breakout I didn't mean "into the irradiation zone." Head west you dumb robots!

Yes. Like that. Hang out there and you should be able to fight everyone off. Plus the LC's air units will have to move through the deadly radiation to attack us.

There's a lot of rockets flying but we seem to have neutralized the LC assault. Good job.

And now we can begin to destroy the first LC base.

There's little to no resistance. In fact, most of the guns here are AA or are unable to fire before we destroy them.

The Xyrex power plants are completely exposed now. They fall quickly with no defenses around them.

And with the Xyrex destroyed, the rest of the base powers down. We now control the center of the map.

Hmm, this could be useful. Maybe it will give us more information about how Sunlight works?

The tunnels are mostly empty. And have a very nice purple accent.

Research: Shadow generators will let us hide from the LC's prying eyes.

Great. There's exactly one unit down in the tunnels. It's able to harass the Mammoth to death.

A Grizzly should prove more...formidable.

There! We have the data.

The next base has a similar configuration. There is a weak scout followed by a Guardian tower.

Immediately upon our entrance the LC counter-attack. The Fat Girls are doing withering damage with their four rocket launchers. However, they cannot withstand the firepower of our plasma units.

The Fat Girls are dead, and so the Xyrex plants are now undefended.

Two bases down. How many more do we have left to destroy?

We take the second valley back to the center. Unfortunately it's filled with radiation, so we'll need some time to repair before moving on to the next base.

With the center now firmly under UCS control, the defenses we built guarding our landing site are obsolete. I sell off what can be sold.

The army has recovered, it's now time to strike out against the third base.

The strength of our vanguard quickly eliminates the scouts in the valley.

But it seems the LC have a surprise up their sleeves. Once again, the LC are using Crion tanks to impede our progress. Thanks to the twisting terrain we cannot target them before they destroy a good number of our force.


The defenses of this base are far more robust. The first LC base was configured against an aerial assault, the second with a squad of Fat Girls. But the third base's focus on Crions and Super Fighters is proving a fair match for us.

We have taken many losses but the way is finally clear.

Another LC base ruined!

Oh now this is a new one. This base looks to have some money left over. And a shitload of batteries. So what do they do? Why build a new solar power plant of course!

It doesn't stand for very long.

Sticking a bunch of batteries in a crater is kind of smart...if they weren't completely useless without a power plant.

Given our losses in the previous fight, I've ordered new units built and sent to Gamma Quadrant. They'll be waiting for us while we explore the last corner of the map. Based on what I've seen so far, I'm guessing there will be another LC base there.

The last structure in the northeastern base is destroyed. However, this time we'll be avoiding the field full of radiation. Back the way we came everyone!

These new Jaguars and Panthers should work wonders I think.

The final base has to be the smartest yet. They're using Crions and Fat Girls.

And they have a fence that funnels us into the most heavily defended part of the base. Good lord.

They've also placed Guardian towers throughout the base. I have no idea why this base is so heavily defended. They're the last standing so maybe that's given them enough time to get things up and running.

Even with the upgraded defenses, the base cannot withstand the concentration of rockets and plasma.

Good job LC! They built their Main Base backwards so all their units are stuck in this corner. We'll deal with them soon enough.

Once the Xyrex plants are destroyed the fences turn off and the Fat Girls can now move away from their blockaded position.

But with our forces ready for them, they and their Super Fighter allies are doomed.

We only need to destroy these Mines and the battle will be over.

NEO keeps making us weird VR stuff to reward our performance. I'll be happy enough just to get off the Moon and go home.

Three quadrants have been destroyed. How many more can possibly remain?

That's a lot of resources. Unfortunately I didn't feel like sticking around and waiting for the Albatross to take all those credits back. Plus, it seemed like a bit of a cheat.

So many units...

Camouflage system? That sounds not-good. I imagine it's like our Shadow system but far more advanced. We cannot allow the LC to make use of this technology. If they can cloak their units they'll be able to drive us back.