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Part 80: Execution

Rest of Briefing posted:

The enemy is using a new fast regeneration system to protect them. The system is powered by 4 Power Plants nearby.

These power plants use the same system. They are therefore invulnerable to our weapons.

We have one chance to triumph. The plants should have switches to turn off the regeneration system. They are probably stored in the tunnel system. If you can find them, deactivate the Power Plants' defenses. Then destroy the Power Plants and the Control Centers will be helpless against our weaponry.

Destroying these Control Centers will start a chain reaction which will end with the destruction of the Sunlight Cannon.

Good Luck!

Wow. I know the LC have mastered self-healing armor and shields but I've never heard it was good enough to render buildings invulnerable. As we speak, the LC are aligning the cannons with our Space Port. We've cut-off their energy, but they managed to bank enough for one volley. Their target is obvious: they mean to destroy our evacuation ship and doom us to die on the Earth. We cannot allow this.

Estimates from GOLAN indicate that the Sunlight Cannon will be aligned with our Space Port in no less than 48 hours.

We have 2 days to save the UCS.

We start with 5 units at our landing site. We have another 2 Gargoyle Ps at to our west and east, scouting out two potential base locations. We need to pick fast, this position is completely untenable.

And hey look, free shields for my ground units. That would've been helpful 2 missions ago

I choose the base to the west. There's no actual difference between the two though. Since we need to move quickly, I order the toughest 5 ground units to enter the tunnel and begin a thorough search for the deactivation switches.

We won't be expanding out at all this mission. A tight base profile is our best chance. The LC are not going to go quietly on this; attacks will be extremely ferocious.

Our strike team is in the tunnels. There's an LC unit waiting for us; but this kind of ambush is absolutely pathetic.

Unless it's not an ambush at all. Maybe she's there to warn her sisters about our advance. In which case, we probably should've waited for some stealth.

Shit. I was right. A large LC column is moving through the valley to our east. We don't have enough time to get our defenses up. I hope that single Gargoyle can do something or we're going to get ripped to pieces.

Eh, at least we got one of them.

Sending the rest of the Gargoyles over to guard our eastern flank proves to be enough. Or at least enough to take out the first wave. I did manage to get at least one Fortress up, but it's upgrading its weapons.

And I have a feeling we'll need more than one Fortress this mission.

The second wave is made of much sturdier stuff. Fortunately the Fortress is operational and can now contribute.

But not so much when the LC move to the middle of the base. And they've disabled our Mammoth. Jesus. Where was this hyper-intelligent AI in all the other missions? The LC are doing a great job at impeding my progress here. Hats off to you, ladies.

I make some repairs to the Mammoth and begin reinforcing the base. This is the last mission, every robot will be deployed here here, if for nothing else then to serve as cannon fodder.

These tunnels are absolutely massive. I've never really seen anything like this. Where the hell did the LC get the time to dig such an extensive network of tunnels? The closest thing I've seen to this is the tunnels at Area 51, but those were built over the course of centuries.

We should split up. We'll cover more ground that way.

Looks like that first unit isn't the only space lady hanging out down here. That Crater means business.

Take a look at that damage. Less than a quarter shields left, and that was only from one unit.

Yeah. LC ain't fucking around this mission. They're aggressive and they will endlessly pursue you. Also, slow firing heavy rockets are a really bad weapon to use against a Crater that's running circles around you. Who knew.

Negative results on the other side of the tunnels. Keep searching! They have to be here somewhere!

Hmmm... A tunnel entrance. Maybe there's something up above that could key us in to where we are?

Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit.

Look at all those power plants. Look at all those research centers. Look at all those Weather Control Centers!

The LC are obviously powering up for a meteor strike. There's not enough time to destroy the Sunlight Control Centers and deal with these WCCs.

Approximately 24 hours remain until Sunlight Cannon is in range of Space Port

We don't have time to deal with those WCCs. We just have to hope we can kill the Control Centers before we get bombarded with meteors.

We found the first control node! Three more to go.

The LC have regrouped and are pouring into the base. Fortunately I've got enough plasma situated on the northern entrance to fry them to a crisp.

At least there's no damned Crions.

The LC have followed us into the tunnels and they're absolutely hammering away at Assault 2. Remember, if we lose Assault 1 or 2, we lose the campaign. And it looks like the next switch is at the end of this tunnel. We can't go back.

Shit, this is tense.

Thankfully I hit the switch without too many problems.

Getting out though...not so much. Yes, that's FOUR Crions shooting at Assault 2.

We can't possibly hope to stand up to that many Crions in such cramped quarters. I've gotta pull everyone out. If the units exploring to the east can't find the shutoff switches we're hosed.

And of course, if the Crions manage to land enough shots on Assault 2, this is all over too.

I'm guessing the LC Power Plants are located right above where the shut-off switches are. I have no idea what the terrain is like there, but I know we probably don't have time to punch through all their defenses. I've built up an airforce in anticipation of this eventuality. We've got 3 Dragon bombers, 3 Bat heavy rocket escorts, plus all the plasma Gargoyles. I hope that's enough.

Two of the Grizzlies down here are expendable. It pains me to do so, but I order them to head north here. The top of this weird diamond structure is the only place we haven't explored yet. I'm guessing the last two switches are up here.

The diamond room, by the way, has to be the largest underground area I've ever seen in the game. You could fit two whole armies and then some down here. Absolutely massive.

Assault 1 vaporizes a Crion headed for the top of the diamond. Score one for the good guys!

At least one of the sacrificial Grizzlies has reached the top of the diamond. I really hope we see some switches...

And we do! That's it! That's all 4 switches! Call the bombers, we don't have much time left before the cannon fires.

Approximately 16 hours remain until Sunlight Cannon is in range of Space Port

Assault 2 makes it out of the tunnels and we can send the bombers off to destr-JUMPING JEHOSHAPHAT!

All the Crions from down below are popping out in the middle of the base. Hooolllyyy shit. I've never seen anything like this. If we don't get Assault 2 out of the way it'll get destroyed in the cross-fire.

Assault 2 is out of the way, but the Crions keep on coming. This has gotta be the 6th or 7th one.

And the LC start harassing our Harvesters, as if there isn't enough going on right now.

Just as I thought, the Power Plants are in the middle of the map, right above where the switches are. I'm going to send the Gargoyles in to draw off any defenders the LC might have in there.

Whoa. The LC have a bunch of AAR Super Fighters in here. Guess they knew we were taking the aerial approach. We have to move them out of the valley; they'll kill us in seconds.

See, they've already managed to destroy one of the Gargoyles.

With the Super Fighters chasing down the Gargoyles I can start bombing the Power Plants. One bomb for each should be enough...

Shit. Looks like they might need two each. I don't think we're going to have enough ammo to do this in one trip.

Approximately 11 hours remain until Sunlight Cannon is in range of Space Port

Three down. The bombers need to start working on the Control Centers.

Shit. We're out of bombs. I order the Dragons to return to base to re-arm. Maybe this one Bat can destroy the plant before it gets blasted though...

Damn it! Sooo close though. One stiff breeze is all we need to topple it.

The LC attacks are getting brutal. And we still have Crions popping up in the middle of our base. We don't need the tunnels anymore though, as I've managed to get everyone out. I think a demolition is in order!

No more Crions to worry about at least. Still, we're teetering on the edge here. Note how our mobile defenders have thinned out. Shit, one of them is even disabled. We can hold off a few more attacks, but after that we're toast.

Making matters worse, I know the Super Fighters are back in that valley. Our bombers will never get in range if we can't draw them off. So I build 2 more Gargoyles to distract the enemy.

Welp. The Crions are now trying to come in through the front door. That's...slightly better? I guess?

Our strike team is ready. I'm sending in a Condor as well, just in case something happens to our bait.

Clear the way! Bombers coming through!

The LC attacks at this point are constant. We have no chance to repair, resupply or recover. If this attack doesn't make it I'm afraid we're done for.

The aerial strike team carefully threads the needle here. The LC base with all the WCCs is up to the north. The main LC base is right to our southeast. We're sneaking in by the skin of our teeth.

Approximately 2 hours remain until Sunlight Cannon is in range of Space Port

Well, dang. I guess we've stopped the LC's Harvester harass strategy. Not that it means much at this point.

Bait is set, Operation: Gone Fishin' is a go!

Move move move! We're almost out of time.

LC Sunlight Cannon system in range. Powering up cannons...


We did it! We did it! We've destroyed Project Sunlight! I can see the cannons exploding and falling to the Moon's surface!

So they're giving me the apartment Sombra had? Or the one Fang had? Or what? But who cares! We won!

NEO wants some upgrades, I guess as spoils of war. I don't see any harm in picking over the remnants of the base. Some of this stuff seems a bit advanced though... I wonder if GOLAN knows about this...

There's still one thing I don't get though. How did the LC manage to build this thing? They were a completely pacifistic society until the start of this war. And that cannon had to have taken decades, if not centuries to build. Even if they started the first day the ED fired on their mines in the Himalayas, there's no way it could've been operational this fast. No way.

So how did they do it?

Eh, does it really matter? It's all scrap now. Time to celebrate!


Copy of an encrypted email from the files of the Eurasian Dynasty intelligence services

To: Igor Bititoff - Dept. of Research and Development
CC: the super spies over at Intelligence
From: Fox NEO
Subject: look what the cat dragged in

Yo Igor.
I checked the files on the LC battle glider. They got "their" technology through reverse engineering, no doubt about it. The pictures of the inside of the wreck were absolutely spectacular. And now the girls have probably taken the whole thing apart. Can you reconstruct that giant creature that was sitting inside? It'd be a nice addition to my collection.

Fang's little toy left me scratchin' my head at first. It's from the same fleet alright, but I'm 99% sure the UCS didn't build it themselves. The interior and the steering mechanism, though, are perfectly designed to fit the human physical makeup. Well, have the lights gone on yet, Mr. Clever? Exactly! Fang's glider was a present from our formless "friends"!

I don't know what film we're in here, but my tip is "War of the Worlds" by H.G. Wells. And this much is for sure - we're gonna need a lot more than a simple virus to win this one.

See ya around.
>>> I'm sure there is a logical explanation for all of this. Dana S. (FBI)

And that does it for the UCS campaign. I've never seen a vote so strongly tilted towards the Moon, so looks like we'll be sticking around here and seeing things from the LC's perspective.

P.S.: This mission actually has no time limit but I figured I would add it in for dramatic effect. Hope you all enjoyed the tension . You don't have to use an aerial strategy here, but if you opt for a conventional attack this mission will take hours. There are three massive LC bases you'll need to get through. The bomber approach I used here only took two in-game days, a little less than an hour I think.