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Part 82: Carpates

AKA - The Best Mission

Our quick success in the first mission has not stopped the UCS advance. They've established a solid foothold; driving them back will take time and effort now. While we can't win the war just yet, we can deal incredible damage to the UCS this mission. The destruction of the UCS mining operation would be a huge blow and allow us more time to regroup and prepare a defense.

Unfortunately, we cannot fly in any units yet. All we have available to us are some Unit Transporters. How are we going to win a battle with non-combat units?

Oh, you'll see.

The mission gives us a very helpful harvester counter up top. We cannot fly in any units until we've destroyed all the Harvesters. But again, how the hell do we do that without any combat units?

Well, the Unit Transporter has the ability to pick up units.

Like so. Now normally, you'd just gently set them down somewhere else on the map and be on your way.

If, however, there was to be a terrible malfunction in the magnetic arms...

Well I guess that unit would just fall to the ground and explode.

I dub thee, "The Butterfingers Brigade." Songs will be sung of your incapable and well-greased claws.

Yes, this mission is basically "pick up stuff and drop it." It is, hands down, the most entertaining mission in the entire campaign trilogy.

Research: Mine Upgrade (Allows you to mine twice as fast. It looks like the Ore Transport Mine but it's not I swear)

The main refinery area is well-guarded with anti-air towers. We won't be able to destroy the Harvesters while they unload. We'll need to take them out when they're mining.

Hey everyone, what do you think happens when you drop a Harvester on top of a Harvester?

If you selected "they both catastrophically explode" you get a prize. Yes, dropped units do damage to any units they might hit on their way down.

There's a secondary mining site off to the east. Note how it is not at all guarded. What a terrible mistake when the Butterfingers Brigade is in town.

Grabbing Harvesters while they unload is a great idea. They're completely immobile and sit there long enough for you to grab them.

Grabbing harvesters while they're moving is a terrible idea. They're slightly faster than the Unit Transporters so they'll outrun you every time. It looks something like this and you should be embarrassed if it happens.

Research: 20mm bullet upgrades 1, 2 and 3

Say, it looks like the UCS have finally caught on to our little gambit and sent some units.

Know what you can do with units?


You can also drop units that are shooting you on top of other units that are shooting you.

Isn't this the best mission ever?

Know what else you can do with Harvesters?


There is nothing in this mission that you can't solve by dropping things.

Need a Landing Zone? Drop one!

A bunch of random Tigers walking out of a teleport?

Drop 'em!

Even more units shooting at you?

Drop 'em on each other!

Behold! A base destroyed with the power of gravity!

This is filled with buildings. We cannot drop buildings on buildings so we must use an inferior "blow things up" method. It was fun while it lasted though.

Thus, the dropping fun must make way for the much more boring "destroy the enemy base with Fat Girls."

Not to say that our Fat Girls are useless.

Because they're not.

But wouldn't it be better if we could win this entire mission by dropping things on the UCS?

That would be way more fun I think.

Even if we needed a bunch of them to drop say a Research Center on a Power Plant. Wouldn't it be worth it?

I sure think so.

rest of briefing posted:

Penned by: Kilija Verbic - Defense Manager Lunar Corp.
Destined for: Axeil
Topic of Discussion: Be careful!

My Dear Child,

I'm very proud of your victories. Many of the girls around here ask about you. You've become a hero.

With your looks and reputation, you can be the biggest heart breaker in our base. But be careful, there is nothing more dangerous than a jealous girl.

Health and Happiness

I'm glad to see the LC ladies have become fans of the awesome powers of gravity. They're all jealous of my dropping powers.

A few shameful units were not destroyed from dropping. I've failed you thread. I'll do better next time!

Speaking of next time, we've got a convoy coming through. Apparently the situation on Gaia has stabilized somewhat and some units are transferring back here to help with the defense. This convoy needs to make it through unharmed so we can equip these new units.

I hope they are ready to learn the awesome power of The Drop.

Please listen to the third LC battle anthem and imagine hundreds of UCS walkers falling from the sky and exploding on contact with the ground. Because that's what hunks of metal do, okay?